MLB Most Expensive Beer
Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stone will perform only fifteen
shows this summer in North America. If you’re
looking to celebrate this event here's a list of 10
craft beers to pair with Rolling Stones songs…
1. Song: Mother’s Little Helper / Beer: Oskar
Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils -
2. Song: Bitch / Beer: Flying Dog Raging Bitch
3. Song: Dead Flowers /  Ithaca Flower Power
4. Song: You Can’t Always Get What You
Want / Beer: Russian River Pliny the Younger
5. Song: Sympathy for the Devil / Beer: Duvel
6. Song: Monkey Man /Victory Golden Monkey
7. Song: Brown Sugar/ Lagunitas Brown Shugga
8. Song: Out of Time / Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15
9. Song: Midnight Rambler/Allagash Midnight
10. Song: Paint It Black / Beer: Sierra Nevada
Blindfold Black IPA
For those who have decidedly different musical
tastes (but not in great beer) we recommend
you read
Sinatra and Beer.
The Red Sox are currently setting the bar in terms of
prices on both tickets and beer.Even without raising
ticket prices after a last-place season, the Red Sox still
boast the most expensive tickets in all of baseball. The
Red Sox’ average ticket price for non-premium seats is at
$52.34, and the estimated cost for a family of four to buy
four tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, two hot dogs,
parking and two hats is $337.20.

As for the most expensive beer prices in Major League
Baseball, the Red Sox far and away have the highest
prices. A “small beer” costs $7.75 at Fenway Park in
Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago and Citizens Bank Park
in Philadelphia. However, that “small beer” in Wrigley is
16 oz., and the “small beer” in Philly is 21 oz.  A $7.75
“small beer” at Fenway Park is just 12 oz..In terms of
cost per ounce of beer, the Red Sox beer costs 65 cents
per oz,. 15 cents more than the second-highest price, and
it ends up costing more than $2 extra on a 16-ounce beer.
Beer Removes Wrinkles-  Precious, the new beverage by Suntory,
contains 2 grams of collagen per can, an ingredient often used in anti-aging beauty
products.  It is a protein found in connective tissues thought to improve the look
of skin. As bodies age, they lose collagen, which is one of the causes of wrinkles.

Lime Moon-  The Moon appeared as a slice of lime in the top of a bottle of
Corona beer in a carefully calculated advertisement in New York City called Luna
Corona. After consulting top universities and planetariums it worked perfectly.
Check it out

Peeps Beer - Barrels and Bottles Brewery in Colorado celebrated Spring with a  
beer made with Peeps - the colorful marshmallow treats shaped like chicks and
bunnies sold during Easter. They simply added 90 Peeps to a mash of English Ale.

Hail The Champ- Southern Tier Brewing(NY) is the champion of the first ever
USA Today “For the Win” Ultimate Craft Beer Bracket championship in an online
voting tournament.  They defeated Founders in the final round.

Beer Drinking Workout

Area residents in Hamburg, New York will be able to drink craft beer in style,
while getting a workout, starting May 1, when the Consumers Craft Cruiser
becomes available for booking.  The foot-powered bus allows for 13
passengers to sit at a built-in bar, drink a pint and view the scenery. It
measures almost 20 feet long, about 5 feet wide, 9 feet tall and weighs
1,800 pounds. The frame is composed of aluminum and steel, and while
the bar is open-air, there is head coverage with a canopy. The bus also
features overhead storage, individual purse and coat hooks and a bar to
hold on to. There is also a six-speaker stereo, built in.

To power the vehicle, there needs to be at least three people pedaling, but it
can accommodate up to 10. There can be four non-pedaling passengers and
there is a front-facing area for the driver to steer and brake. The craft cruiser
will require at least eight people at a time, to ensure the optimum experience.
If a tour encounters a difficult-to-overcome incline, the cruiser is equipped
with an electric assist to help the peddlers make it through.

As far as beverage capacity, the cruiser can hold a ¼ keg of beer, in addition
to its two, 88-liter coolers that are in the floor. The pedal bus came from
Minnesota, where there are many similar bikes currently operating

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