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Robot opens beer bottles
College student creates automated bartender
A University of Florida engineering student has created a robot that
opens beer bottles. He calls the robot Abor, which stands for
Autonomous Beer-Opening Robot.

The robot operates by rolling along a bar, taking the bottle, steadying it,
putting the opener under the cap and liften it before backing
away from the bottle.The robot is built from 150 parts,
has 60 feet of wiring and took four months of work.
I'll Pay With Cash -
Not everybody may know your name at Bar Soba in Glasgow, Scotland, but
the  cash register will. The nightclub is the first in Britain to offer
customers cash-free drinking by having a microchip implanted in their arm. The
tiny digital wallet would allow entry to the club and allow customers to buy
drinks on credit. The VeriChip is inserted by a medical expert and
then scanned for its unique ID number as the bearer enters the bar. Bar Soba
owner Brad Stevens said, "By the time you walk through the door, your
favorite drink is waiting for you."

Beer Drinker of the Year -  Now through May: If you think you’d like to be
the 2005 Beer Drinker of the Year, send your beer resume to: Beerdrinker of the
Year, 50 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, PA 17101. The winner will be announced in
early May at Appalachian Brewing.

The Ultimate Beer Crime.  A Czech man is being taken to court after he hid
in a restaurant washroom until the employees had left and then hooked up beer
kegs directly to his mouth.  Cleaning staff found him drunk and lying on the floor of
the bar at the restaurant in the city of Brno, about 200km (120 miles) east of

The man will be charged with casing $340 damage to the cooling box .  No word
on how much he will be charged for the beer.
Dailing Under the Influence

Last month - after 95 percent of respondents in a
survey of some 400 of its customers admitted that they
drunk-dial - Virgin Mobile started offering a service
to its Australian customers prone to
"dialing under the influence."

For a small fee, subscribers can enter
a three-digit number and then the number they want
their phone to be blocked from dialing. The ban lasts
until 6 o'clock the following morning.

Other help for those "dialing under the influence" can be
found at   This site offers a
phone number that people cancall to leave their
drunk-dialed message, which is recorded and
placed on the Web for everyone's listening pleasure.

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