Founders Not Craft
It's All the Same
Ever wonder why Guinness and other major
beers always taste the same? The answer is
the yeast; it must be consistent.  Many
breweries freeze the yeast culture down and
preserve it as a snapshot of what they want.
Then return to the supply every three to six
months so they can brew beer in the same
style with the same flavor profile.

Guinness, for example, stores its yeast strain in
liquid nitrogen vapour at an undisclosed
location. Gearoid Cahill, a Guinness brewer,
says that the firm takes many things into
account to make the beer taste consistent. The
water used in production is tested for levels of
calcium as too much or too little can inhibit the
enzymes that turn the malt’s starch into sugars.
Malt is a cereal grain, which is germinated in
water but stopped from further activity by
being dried in hot air. The sugars that come out
of the malt are what the yeast is able to turn
into alcohol, during fermentation.
Is Founders Brewing Co. still a craft brewery?  
Maybe not since Founders is selling a 30 % stake
in the company to Mahou San Miguel, a Spanish brewery
group that made more than 10.4 million barrels among its
portfolio of brands last year.  According to
the Brewers Association, a craft brewery has to make
less than 6 million barrels of beer each year, 25 % or
less of the brewery can be owned or controlled by
an alcohol producer which is not itself a craft brewer,
and the brewery must make a majority of its product
with flavor derived from traditional or innovative
brewing ingredients in their fermentation.  Flavored
malt beverages don't count.

Founders is currently the 26th largest American
brewery.Independent craft breweries are becoming
increasingly concerned about an influx of what the
Association calls crafty beers made by international
conglomerates looking to trade on the growing market
for microbrews. To many beer fans, the craft movement
is a statement against the big guys so this seems like a
Blame The Fish  -   John Przybyla from Wisconsin was pulled over for a
broken tail light and erratic driving.   The officer reported smelling alcohol on John's
breath and saw that his eyes were blood shot. The officer asked Przybyla just how
much he had to drink. Instead of admitting that he had been boozing, Przybyla
tried to convince the officer that his drunken state was due to beer-battered fish
he had eaten at a fish fry, a popular tradition in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, a
breathalyzer proved otherwise

Sellout!-  The Facebook page of 10 Barrel Brewing Co. was rocked by
thousands of posts calling them greedy  amidst calls for a boycott the brand.
What did the brewers do to provoke such a backlash? They announced they were
being bought by Anheuser-Busch. Enough said

Keg Tree- The Genesee Brewing Co.(NY) built a record setting 23-foot-high
Christmas tree out of 300 stainless steel kegs. The keg tree was trimmed with 600
feet of green lights and topped by a rotating Genesee sign. The kegs were empty
and have now been returned to the production line for filling.

No Craft In Top Ten- The 10 best-selling domestic (USA) brews are all owned
by either Anheuser-Busch InBev or SABMiller. They achieved this market
dominance by aggressive advertising, efficient distribution, and competitive pricing,
and their big advantage that nearly all small breweries lack: loyal customers.

Beer Search

Google just released its annual list of the top search terms around the world
and while Ebola and the death of beloved comedian RobinWilliams gripped
headlines, millions of us were still fixated on food. Pizza was the most
searched for food term of 2014, with more overall searches than the
World Cup. Globally, more people searched for Chinese food related
items than both French and Indian.  And despite the meteoric rise of the
craft beer movement, tried-and-true favorites Budweiser, Corona and
Keystone topped the list of this year’s most searched beers. Hipster
favorite PBR sneaks into the top 10 to hold the number eight spot.

When it comes to cocktails, fresh and fruity dominated the top as
margarita, sangria, mojito and mimosa all made the top five along
with the versatile martini.

Most Searched Beers

1. Budweiser; 2. Corona; 3. Keystone; 4. Miller; 5. Blue Moon;
6. Coors; 7. Bud Light; 8. PBR; 9. Modelo; 10. Sierra Nevada

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