The Most Interesting Man... Sued
The Survey Says
When reseach firm Nielsen asked its Household
panel why they bought craft beer, the #1 reason
was “like to experiment with different styles,
flavors” – 50% of respondents
cited it as a primary motivation for buying.
Another survey found that 71% of respondents
agreed with the statement “I like the variety of
styles and brands” when asked about craft beer,
the highest agreement for any attitude question.
Beer drinkers, particularly craft beer drinkers,
really like choices.

New Jersey limits all liquor, wine and beer sales
to just liquor stores.  New Hampshire allow for
beer to be sold in supermarkets but only allow
liquor and wine to be bought from state-owned
liquor stores with arcane hours.
Illinois allows wine, beer and liquor to be sold
everywhere, even at pharmacies.
New York allows for beer sales in
supermarkets, delis and gas stations. Liquor and
wine can only be bought in liquor stores.
The company behind the beer Dos Equis and its almost
as famous ad campaigns and trademark
Most Interesting Man In The World
, has opposed a
West Virginia car dealership’s attempt to register a similar
trademark from a series of knock-off commercials.
Cervezas Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Sa de CV.
is the company that in 2010, registered the phrase in
association with its wildly successful ad campaign
featuring the man who is fluent in all languages,
including three that he only speaks.

Brown Chevrolet, Inc., in West Virginia, began running a
knock-off campaign about
West Virginia’s Most
Interesting Man
. The commercials are almost exactly the
same.  The commercials didn’t get on Dos Equis’ radar
until recently when the car dealer attempted to register
their version.   Dos Equis has sued other companies for
trademark infringement over similar ad campaigns and
uickly moved to oppose this registration.
For the record the actor, yes it is an actor, who plays the
"real" Most Interesting Man is Jonathan Goldsmith from
New York City.  And he doesn't do car commercials.
Beer $$ -   Currently craft beers account for just over $14 billion a year of the
total $100 billion annual spend on beer. TThat compares with $45 billion spent on
wine and $60 billion-plus on spirits..

Recall-  Wegmans recently recalled several varieties of Corona beer in upstate
NY because the distributor, Constellation Brands, says there could be small
particles of glass in the beverages. This is due to a defect found in certain bottles,
where small pieces of glass broke off after bottling. So far there are no reports of
any injuries resulting from the glass.  

Who Drinks Craft?-  Consumers ages 35-49 make up 41.5 percent of the
craft beer-drinking market, followed by 26-34-year-olds, who accounted for 26.4
percent, according to figures from The Journal of Consumer Marketin.g

New Hops - Sapphire hops, is a recently developed strain from Germany called
Saphir that's intended to be more disease-resistant than the similar Hallertau
Mittlefruh hops. They are used more for flavor and aroma than for bittering.

Not Really Brooklyn- Over the years, Brooklyn Brewery has produced the
bulk of its beer under contract at F.X. Matt in Utica, NY. At one time, nearly 80%
of the company’s beer was made somewhere other than Brooklyn. The company
is planning a move to Staten Island (NY) would actually bring production closer to
its eponymous home.

Bourbon County Schedule

Other than Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout the favorite beer in the
BeerNexus office is the Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island.  The
brewery has just finalized its roster of 2014 releases out on 11/28/14.

In a recent survey seven of the world's top 20 beers are from the Bourbon
County Stout series.  Here they are:
Bourbon County Stout: Same recipe has
always, this bourbon barrel-aged stout will be available nationally in 4-packs.

Proprietors: The second annual release under the Proprietor's Bourbon
County Brand Stout will feature panela sugar that's made into a syrup with
coconut water, Cassia bark (which is essentially cinnamon) and cocoa nibs.

Vanilla Rye: Goose's previous stab at a Vanilla Bourbon County Stout beer, in
2010, remains one of the brewery's most-lauded beers ever. This incarnation
is aged in rye whiskey, instead of bourbon, barrels. Goose is using barrels
from four different distilleries, then blending the results before bottling. Each
rye barrel is aging with two pounds of vanilla beans from Mexico and
Madagascar. There will be limited nationwide availability in 22-ounce bottles.

Coffee: An annual staple, but with a different coffee infusion every year, the
2014 incarnation features Rwandan coffee from Intelligentsia.
Available in four-packs nationally.

Barleywine: This beer debuted last year and will be similar to the original,
featuring "third use" barrels -- former Kentucky bourbon barrels that later
housed Bourbon County Stout before hosting the barelywine. Available in
four-packs of 12-ounce bottles.

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