Beer Is Good For You
Remember the Alamo
Alamo brewing has been selling beer under
he Alamo brand since late 1997. Since then,
Alamo has used a silhouette of the famed
Alamo mission building as a part of its logo.
Other Alamo-esque and very Texas imagery
(stars, cannons) and phrasing (“Remember”)
also help form the look and feel of the Alamo
logo and trade dress. However Alamo never
registered its logo.  Then in early 2012, Texian
Brewing began using a logo that features a
silhouette of the Alamo. Likewise, the tops of
Texian Brewing’s tap handles are carved into
the silhouette of the Alamo, and they also
feature a cannon, star, and other Texas
imagery.  That's right, it's lawsuit time.  

If the court finds consumer confusion likely
between the two due to the logo, because
Alamo is an unregistered senior user Alamo
technically would have superior rights in its
existing trading territory.  Wonder what Davy
Crockett, Jim Bowie and the rest of the famous
Alamo defenders would think of all of this.  
More good health news for moderate drinkers of beer.  
Because brewer's yeast is a rich source of nutrients beer
has important levels of magnesium, selenium, potassium,
phosphorus, biotin, chromium and B vitamins. It's for
those attributes that beer has long beenreferred to as
"liquid bread".  And there's more. Isohumulones are
chemical compounds that contribute to the bitter taste of
beer and are in the class of compounds known as
iso-alpha acids. A series of recent studies have shown
that beer may prevent carcinogenesis and osteoporosis;
beer provides plasma with significant protection from
oxidative stress; and isohumulones, the bitter substances
derived from hops, may prevent and improve obesity
and type-2 diabetes, improve lipid metabolism, and
suppress atherosclerosis.  Impressive to be sure.

In late 2013, scientists from the University of Wisconsin
found that a pint of the dark bee every day could prevent
blood clots and heart attacks. In a study carried out on
animals with narrowed arteries, the scientists found that
those who were given Guinrness had reduced clotting
activity in their blood compared with those who were
given lager.
High Life Is Back -   Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers is returning to
the national stage with the debut of television and print advertising, increased
digital and social media engagement and limited-edition packaging.  The iconic beer,
first brewed in 1903, had recently become a favorite of undiscerning  millennial
beer drinkers.

Beer and Burger-   WorldBlu announced it is has certified 41 organizations as
part of their annual List of Most Democratic Workplaces.  The only brewery to
make the list was New Belgium.  Wonder if they have any openings.

Big Mover- According to the Brewers Association's annual rankings of the top
50 U.S. craft breweries (based on sales volume) the fastest growing brewery is
San Diego’s Ballast Point jumping 17 spots to 29th on the list.  They nearly
doubled its production to about 86,000 barrels, up from 47,000 last year.

Bad Timing - With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Monday, for the second straight
year, Americans everywhere will be faced with celebrating Cinco on a day not fit for
the occasion. To save this time-honored celebration, Dos Equis is running a “Dos
de Mayo” campaign telling all to start the celebration on May 2nd to"ignite
celebrant's fiestas all weekend long".  Gotta love those guys.

Tap Taker

Yuengling seems to have kicked the door down during its returning to
Massachusetts, having already secured nearly 6,000 points of distribution in
the company’s first month back in the Bay State.   a number of local brewery
owners how their business has been impacted by Yuengling’s return.

Somerville Brewing Co — known for its “Slumbrew” line of beers —  has
“suffered the ignominy of being bumped out if its own backyard, when its
popular Slumbrew Porter Square Porter was replaced by Yuengling — by a
bar in Porter Square, Somerville.” But it isn’t just businesses from Mass. that
are feeling the pressure. Out-of-state players like Brooklyn Brewery are also
losing tap lines. Brooklyn president Steve Hindy, after being told that his beer
had been replaced by Yuengling at a popular South Boston sports bar, vowed
to swing back at Yuengling.“Well, I’m determined to go out and grab a
Yuengling line today,” he said. “How about that?”

“Every bar and restaurant is going to have Yuengling on tap,” said Somerville
founder Jeff Leiter. He noted that many craft brewers do not have a
guaranteed slot at bars that serve their beers; typically those bars and
restaurants will have one or two draft lines that rotate among different craft
brewers and if Yuengling grabs that tap, then serious craft brewers are likely
shut out for good. Yuengling’s best-selling product is its flagship lager which
is far from a craft beer. It tastes closer to the brews of the big companies.
Its best asset may be its price — midway between the higher-end craft beers
and the mass market brands from Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors.

Part of Yuenglings revered status among some of their fans is the fact that
the brewery remains an American-owned, family-run business. Add to that
the fact of its limited availability, largely the Middle Atlantic and Southeastern
states, and you have a demand that seemingly continues to grow.

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