Uncommon Items
Panther No, Cobra Yes
Cobra Beer has become the first Indian beer
brand in the UK to receive the International
High Quality Trophies in recognition of its
consistent excellence.  Produced by NRI
entrepreneur Lord Karan Billimoria, Cobra has
been awarded gold medals for its entire
portfolio by the Monde Selection World
Quality Awards this year.

Cobra (Bottle), Cobra (Keg) and Cobra Zero
(Bottle) were all presented with International
High Quality Trophies, which are granted to
brands that have received gold medals for
three consecutive years.  Lord Karan Bilimoria
founded Cobra Beer in 1989.   He originally
planned to be call the beer Panther,  but many
market research session showed the name
wasn't popular with customers and so only
days before full production he changed to
Cobra.  Since i2011 Cobra Beer has won  55
gold medals across the product range in
international beer competitions.
Need a selection of beer soaps from San Francisco soap
maker Hiromi that come in varieties of lager, stout, ale
and porter? If so they're now available in several online
venues including www.uncomongoods.com   The
essences of the beers are drawn from the alcohol and
then mixed with oils to make a six-pack of  cleansers.
If your looking for a more unusual beer related product
try recycled beer packaging that has been made into
wallets, cuffs, dog collars and luggage tags.  These are  
available at www.etsy.com/shop/mindysdesigns

People can get surprisingly creative with a beer tap
handle. The coolmaterials.com site has handles made out
of everything from video game controllers, antlers, bike
gears and light sabers to steampunk themed
accouterments. If you needs are more basic type such
as simply wanting to chill a warm beer quickly try a
"Chillsner" .  Slip it into a bottle and your drink will stay
frosty. The gadget's an aluminum rod that you freeze
first; on one end is a drink-through spout. It's being sold
at www.gentsupplyco.com.  
Beer Power -  Faced with a "black spot" that interfered with their mobile
network technicians at Australian cellphone provider Telstra recently found the
source of the problem: a man's beer fridge in his garage. The refrigerator was
tracked by "software robots" and workers wielding special antennas.

Top Three-  The three breweries in the USA that grew fastest from 2011 to
2012 were Tennessee’s Blackstone Brewery (by 1,190%) and Texas’s Karbach
Brewing (1,112%) and Austin Beerworks (394%).

Cider Boosts Beer -   Boston Beer's stock is hopping after Goldman Sachs  
boosted the brewer's rating thanks to the success of its Angry Orchard cider. In
its first year, Angry Orchard has grabbed a more than 40 % share of the cider
segment. It's expected to comprise 20% of Boston Beer's volume by 2015.

Beer Boycott - Several Pittsburgh bars refused to sell Boston beer during the
Boston Bruins v. Pittsburgh Penguins  hockey playoff series.  The good luck ploy
worked as the Bruins had a four-game sweep in the Conference Finals.  The
team however lost in the finals to Chicago.

Ancient Brew In Cleveland

Great Lakes (Cleveland, Michigan) has been trying to imitate a bygone era.
Enlisting the help of archaeologists at the University of Chicago, the
company has been trying for more than year to replicate a 5,000-year-old
Sumerian beer using only clay vessels and a wooden spoon.  As interest in
artisan beer has expanded across the country, so have collaborations
between scholars of ancient drink and independent brewers willing to help
them resurrect lost recipes for some of the oldest ales ever made.

“It involves a huge amount of detective work and inference and pulling in
information from other sources to try and figure it out,” said Gil Stein, the
director of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, which is
ensuring the historical accuracy of the project.. "We hope to find out   
whether the invention of beer was the primary reason that people in
Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace of Western civilization about
10,000 years ago, first became agriculturalists"  By about 3200 B.C.,
around the time the Sumerians invented the written word, beer had already
held a significant role in the region’s customs and myths. Sipped through a
straw by all classes of society, it is also believed to have been a source of
drinkable.  water and essential nutrients, brewed in both palaces and in
average homes. During the rule of King Hammurabi, tavern owners were
threatened with drowning if they dared to overcharge.

Reproductions of ancient alcohols have since grown in popularity, largely
through a partnership between the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware
and  the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Together, they have recreated
beers from prehistoric China, from ancient Egypt and from evidence found
in what is believed to be the tomb of King Midas.

In place of stainless steel tanks, the Oriental Institute gave Great Lakes
ceramic vessels modeled after artifacts excavated in Iraq during the 1930s.
In keeping with the archaeological evidence, Great Lakes brewers malted
their own barley on the roof of the brew house. It also had a Cleveland
baker to help make a bricklike “beer bread” for use as a source of active
yeast — by far the most difficult step in the process.

After months of experiments in the brewery’s laboratory, Nate Gibbon, a
brewer at Great Lakes, said he had stood over a ceramic vat orencelty
cooking outside on a patch of grass. The fire that heated the vat was fueled
by manure. The batch,spiced with cardamom and coriander, fermented for
two days, but it was ultimately too sour for the modern tongue, Mr. Gibbon
said. "Next time, he will sweeten it with honey or dates" he said.

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