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Just out in time for the holidays is a new invention from Alberti
Enterprises which they claim might just end the need for pitchers filled
with beer at your next party.  They call it The Table Tapper.  

"The whole purpose of the Table Tapper is to replace the standard
pitcher for a group of people at bar or keg party" said Tonly Alberti,
the inventor of the Tapper.  "Customers at pubs would order the
Tapper, fill it up at the bar, then bring it to their table and everyone
can then pour their own drinks."  

The unit stands almost three feet tall, holds 116 ounces of liquid, and
features a plastic tube of a polycarbonate mixture - the same material
used in bulletproof shields - making it virtually indestructible. The
Tapper'sr plastic is approved by the Food and Drug Administration
and also acts as a natural insulator, keeping the beer  colder for a
longer period of time - making it superior to a standard plastic pitcher.  

You can read the product reviews and order the tapper ($89) at
Bioengineered Beer.   The biotechnology industry has turned in its quest for
converts to genetically modified beer.  A consortium of the world's largest biotech
companies led by St. Louis based Monsanto Co. have helped a Swedish brewer,
Kenth Persson, create a new light lager made from hops, barley, and genetically
engineered corn.  The beer is only available in Europe.

Illegal to Drink in Russia.  Russia's Parliament has passed legislation that
will make it illegal to drink beer in public.   The law also bans drinking beer on streets,
in stadiums, on public transportation, or anywhere outside of a restaurant.  Beer
sales will also be banned near schools and universities and to people under 18.
Brewers call the law "a witch-hunt" pushed by the country's powerful vodka

Students spend more on beer than books.    British students spend
nearly three times as much on beer than they do on books according to a recent
Reuters report.  In fact, the students bar tab is nearly the equal of the sum spent
on books, food, and dorm rooms combined.  
Many experts believe the same is probably true of students in the USA.
Rude Elf Gets Mad

Bethlehem Brew Works (PA) has been forced to drop its
Rudolph's Reserve Ale after losing a copyright battle with
The Rudolph Company which owns the right to sell beer
with the red-nosed reindeer's name and image on it.

Bethlehem owner Jeff Fegley, in what he called an "in your
face" response,  has now brought back the beer under the
name Rude Elf's Reserve, with a label that  features a
red-nosed elf holding an open bottle with a reindeer visible
in the background.  

There is no word if Troeg's brewery (PA)  is concerned
about Rude Elf.  Toreg's produces the popular cherry
flavored  Mad Elf Ale.

And I bet you thought all Elves were happy.
thanks to reader B.Lynch  for information on the Rudolph controversey

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