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New Jersey wine consumers can sip before buying but not so for beer
lovers.  The NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is now allowing
every liquor store in the state to offer sample tastings of wine to
customers, in the store, while they're shopping, before they buy.  New
Jersey joins some 30 other states, including New York and
Pennsylvania, that allow sampling before purchase.

Until now, there has been a strick division between New Jersey
consumption licenses for bars /restaurants and distribution licenses
for package goods stores.  Package good stores were strictly
forbidden from having open containers on their premises.

The new regulations allow for a limit of six bottles open at any one
time. Each bottle requires the retailer to fill out a form recording the
brand, bottle size, and date it was opened.  Customers are permitted a
maximum of four 1.5 ounce samples during a 24 hour period.  There
are no plans to allow tasting of beer.
Oktoberfest Barbie.   There's a new Barbie out - a special Oktoberfest
edtion.  This Barbie is wearing a special Alpine dirndl dress from world famous fashion
designer Rena Lange and comes complete with a beer jug and metal stein.  The
overall look is based on Julie Andrew's character Maria in the classic Sound of Music  
movie.  As of yet there is no word on if a lederhosen-clad Ken is being planned.

Taxes Up, Consumption Down.   For the first time in the last 16 years
consumption of alcohol declined in Ireland.  This happened directly after the
goverment raised taxes on liquor.  Some pundits also blamed a new ban on
smoking in the country's pubs and restaurants for adding to the decline.

Party On.    The police say that Tim Hartzell did not let an arrest for public
drunkenness during the local Muskifest stop his partying.  While he was "sobering
up" in a holding tank, an officer watching a video monitor reportedly noticed that
Hartzell was enjoying a can of beer.  Policw were unsure of how he smuggled the
beer into the jail.
Beer, Red Wine Have Same
Antioxidan Value

No need to switch from beer to red wine while watching
the game to boost your levels of antioxidants.  According to
a Canadian study, one glass of beer or wine provides
equivalent increases in plasma antioxidant activity, which
helps prevent the oxidization of blood plasma by toxic free
radicals that trigger things such as cancer, diabetes, heart
disease and cataracts.

Researchers were even more surprised to discover that the
same size glass of beer or wine had equal benefit despite
the fact that red wine contains about 20 times the
polyphenols as beer.   


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