Almost Secret Hangover Cures
Eating before or while you drink helps absorb the alcohol and slows the
rate of intoxication.  The alcohol then doesn’t hit the bloodstream as quickly
and reduces the chances of a hangover.  Your body absorbs alcohol
through the stomach lining so eating bread or starchy foods like pasta are

Your body has a difficult time dealing with multiple types of spirits so not
mixing lessens any possible hangover.  

Beer is carbonated, which means it will cause your body to absorb its
alcohol more quickly than wine's.   One solution: try lower carbonated, cask
conditioned ale.

Taking a multi-vitamin or B-complex before you drink might be effective.  
Recent studies indicate that vitamin B 12 is particularly useful in helping the
body deal with a hangover.

You do get what you pay for.  Order distilled beverages from the top shelf
and only drink quality beer.  The better the beverage the less impurities
and congeners (by-products of alcohol metabolism) you body will have to
deal with.  That in turn means fewer problems the next day.  

Drink as much water as you can handle before you get to bed after an
evening of enjoying your favorite beer.  Hydration is one key to fighting a
hangover.  Gatorade or some V8 are also highly recommended.

Surprise cure #1 eat pizza.  The secret is in the sauce.  Tomatoes
are high in vitamins B and C, primary antioxidants.

Surprise cure #2 eat a banana for its potassium and a bowl of
fresh strawberries for its significant amount of lycopene,  a strong
News Tidbits
The average beer drinker weighs less than the average non drinker and has a
lower risk of heart disease.  Beer has fewer calories than all other forms of alcohol
and a huge 50% less than red wine.

Bass ale accounts for more than 25% of all super-premium imported beer
sales in the US.

Organic beer and wine sales went up 56% last year, however total sales
volume was a very modest $53 million.

Miller/SWAB has budgeted $50 million for an ad campaign to make Pilsner Urquell
one of the nation’s top imports.  Skeptics in the advertising business believe that the
campaign’s slogan “Have you tried the Pilsner that invented Pilsner?”  will flop.  

In the UK: Cask Beer Week throughout the United Kingdom is from
September 19-28.  Event chairman Anthony Fuller said "We want to encourage
customers to try cask beer and to discover its diverse and unique flavors for
themselves."  Try a cask ale at your local pub and see what the excitement is all

Say it aint so:  The Czech Republic's world famous Pilsner Urquell,
meaning Original Source Pilsner, was recently brought by South African
Breweries, who then merged with US brewing giant, Miller.   The new owners
moved  production to Poland, rendering its name meaningless, and are now using
different fermentation techniques which some say have caused the famous beer
to lose much of its rich complexity.