Free Beer - Really!

What’s in a name? Free beer — if your
name happens to be Miller.

Legal-drinking-age consumers with the
first, middle or last name Miller will
receive a gift card equivalent to the
cost of a case of Miller Lite so they can
enjoy a Miller Time with their friends.

Consumers located in, or willing to
travel to, any of nine cities hosting
special “It’s Miller Time On Us” events
across the country can show their legal
state ID with their first, middle or last
name of Miller to pick up their $25 It’s
Miller Time gift card.

“It’s Miller Time On Us” kicks off this
week in Philadelphia and then
continues in Charlotte, Las Vegas,
Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati,
Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Phoenix
throughout June and July. Gift cards
are limited to one per person and must
be collected within the designated
hours for the event.

Brewing Criminals

Raise Your Pints, a group that convinced lawmakers to pass a state law
earlier this year raising the maximum alcohol content for beer that can be sold in
Mississippi, is moving on to its second legislative priority - legalizing home brewing.  

Legal on the federal level and in 48 states, home brewing is a hobby many
Mississippians already enjoy. Although advocates prefer to think of their pastime as
stuck in a gray area of the law, the Mississippi Department of Revenue says
there's no doubt it's illegal.

Enforcing the law, however, isn't high on the agency's list as the Mississippi 's
Office of Alcohol Beverage Control has only 20 agents to oversee
the over 3 million people in the state.

A 1978 federal law allows two drinking-age adults in a household to brew up to
200 gallons of beer a year. One adult may brew up to 100 gallons. The beer may not
be sold, but it may be removed from the home for personal or family use or for use in
exhibitions such as a home brewer's contest.  But the U.S. Constitution leaves
most decisions about alcohol up to the states, so the federal statute allowing
the hobby doesn't trump the state law prohibiting it.

BeerNexus supports
Raise Your Pints in their efforts and hopes that home brewers
everywhere will support our brethren brewers.
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Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world

             Baseball and Beer

It used to be that baseball fans would head
for the concourse to grab a macro lager
between innings since beer is as much a
part of America's pastime as hot dogs and
Cracker Jack.  Now, as often as not, a beer can mean a
craft beer. Some stadiums offer upward of 60 varieties,

Beer at the game however is not inexpensive.  The
pricey leader is the Miami Marlins Park where $8 gets
you Bud and $10.25 your choice of 6 different craft

In second place is Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia
where the cost is $7.75 for a beer but here beer buyers
get 21 ounces for that price, so Phillies fans are actually
only paying the ninth-highest price-per-ounce.  Craft
brews go for $9.75. The third spot of infamy belongs to
Boston's Fenway Park at $7.25  (add $2 for micro)
which is the same they charged last year when it was
the most expensive 12 ounces in  Major League

Stadiums differ on what exactly qualifies as a craft beer.
In Detroit, Keystone Light was among the extra price
selections.  With logic like that our only advice if you buy
a beer at a MLB game is to sip it.... slowly.