Who Put Teal In My Beer?      

In an effort to fight declining sales
Molson Coors announced it is
launching Coors Light Iced Tea. The
drink is being billed as “Coors Light with
a refreshing taste of Iced Tea” and will
be 4 percent alcohol. According to a
CEO Peter Swinburn, the beer
"addresses some of those occasions  
beer doesn't quite seem to fit with.
We've got the world's most refreshing
alcoholic beer sort of meeting up with
the most refreshing nonalcoholic drink
in the world. Those two things go really
well together” he said. The product is
"designed to make beer more attractive
to people who have moved on to wine
or cocktails".Other new products
include Carling Zest, a limited-time-only
beer with citrus flavors and an autumn-
inspired Leinenkugels beer.
Inbev (Bud)will also be entering the
hard tea category with an extension of
its Michelob Ultra line, called Michelob
Ultra 19th Hole Light Tea and
Lemonade.  Wonder if they every
thought of simply making a better beer?

How They Saluted St.Patrick's Day

President Barack Obama and Rick Santorum have at least one thing they can agree on:
Both men chose a stout Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The president drew his beer at a local pub in Washington, wading his way through hundreds
of green-clad revelers. Meanwhile, Santorum drank his with traditional corned beef at a
Missouri Irish restaurant.  Mitt Romney didn’t imbibe anything alcoholic Saturday, as it
would have conflicted with his Mormon faith.

It seems beer has a big tent.
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               Last in Line Lose Out

Founders, from Grand Rapids, MI has just
released its Kentucky Breakfast Stout -
a.k.a. KBS - at the brewery.  It is usually ranked in the
top five beers in the world.  The release party was a
semi-disaster as people reportedly waited over 12 hours
in line and were not able to purchase the beer.
Founders was clearly taken by surprise when they saw
how many people had come from across the country to
buy the beer. There was well over a 1000 people in line
but only 315 cases to go around.  At that point the one
case limit per purchaser was cut in half.  Eventually 634
people bought KBS before it ran out; the last 362
people in line got nothing.

Because KBS is aged for about a year in bourbon
barrels in the caves beneath Grand Rapids, Founders
was still limited to the production capacity of a 30 bbl
brewhouse. Next year’s release will be about three times
the size, because it will be brewed on a new 85 bbl
brewhouse just recently installed.

Due to the small production and high demand individual
bottles are already selling on Ebay for $23.  The price at
the release party was $114 per case, $19 per 4-pack
and $4.75 per bottle.