Pint a Day Keeps   
The Doctor Away   

Beer is healthy!  It has a number of
natural antioxidants and vitamins that can
help prevent heart disease and even
rebuild muscle. Of all beers, dark ones
tend to have the most antioxidants, which
help reverse cellular damage that occurs
naturally in the body. Also dark beer has
higher iron content compared to lighter
beers. Remember, iron is an essential
mineral that our bodies need. Iron is a
part of all cells and does many jobs
including carrying oxygen from our lungs
throughout the rest of our bodies.  

If youre worried about dehydration, keep
in mind that beer is 93 percent water.
Also, beer may actually provide better
hydration than H2O alone when youre
sweating it out under the sun.

Another good choice is microbrews,
which are healthier than mass-produced
brew, because they have more hops
which contain polyphenols, that lower
cholesterol, fight cancer and kill viruses

You be the Judge

A would-be beer pong champ has lost a court battle against the bar that served him alcohol
before he was struck by a car. Alan Berger was playing beer pong with friends at
Wicked Willy’s in New York   According to court records, Wicked Willy’s has designated
beer pong tables, but it does not monitor the beer consumption of game players. An attorney for Mr.
Berger said his client was “winning” the game before he left the bar.

Mr. Berger, then 22 years old, was "extremely intoxicated" when he boarded a commuter bus
to New Jersey that night, court records show. Hours later, he was hit by a vehicle while
attempting to walk across a New Jersey highway.  Mr. Berger sued Wicked Willy’s for his injuries
last year. He alleged that the bar was negligent in its failure to stop serving him
alcohol, among other claims. But the New York Supreme Court dismissed Mr. Berger's suit this
month. Judge Lucy Billings said Wicked Willy's was not responsible for Mr. Berger's accident
injuries, despite providing alcohol and supplies for beer pong.

"Plaintiff voluntarily engaged in the drinking game facilitated by defendant's furnishings and
consumed alcohol to the point of diminished capacity," the ruling reads. "New York law recognizes
no duty on defendant's part to warn patrons regarding the risks of engaging in the drinking activity
defendant made available or to make it safer by stopping or monitoring its participants."

If you were the judge, what would you have decided?
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Edited by Jim Attacap
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MillerCoors  Hard Cider

Tenth and Blake, the craft and import
division of MillerCoors, is looking to take a
bite out of the burgeoning cider industry with
the acquisition of the Crispin Cider Company The move
will give the global beer giant a presence in the beer
industry’s fastest growing category, hard cider.
Founded in 2008, Minneapolis-based Crispin grew 200
percent in 2011 to become the No. 3 producer of cider
in the U.S.

MillerCoors has been using Tenth and Blake to manage
its growing portfolio of craft beers. The U.S. cider market
is only a fraction — some 0.5 percent — of the size of
the beer market, but it has doubled in size since 2005.
Cider sales grew 26 percent from October 2011 to
October 2012 to total $49.6 million.

Crispin will be operated as an independent division
within Tenth and Blake, and help the business increase
its scale and capacity as it continues to grow.
“Tenth and Blake provides us the capability to scale up
at the same pace as our increasingly accelerating
demand in the U.S. and beyond," said spokesperson for
Tenth and Blake.