Platinum Bud?

Bud Light Platinum, a long-
germinating beer concept from
Anheuser-Busch InBev that’s not
quite Bud Light and not really
Budweiser, will finally hit stores in
January.  Bet you can't wait.

Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch, the
world’s largest brewer, said  that the
new beer “appeals to a key group of
beer drinkers and expands consumer
occasions. It's unique and fun.”

Platinum would have 6% alcohol by
volume and 137 calories. Top-selling
Bud Light, by comparison, has
4.2% ABV and 110 calories while
Budweiser has 5% ABV and
145 calories.

Some beer enthusiasts suggest that
Platinum is Anheuser-Busch’s attempt
to take advantage of growing interest
in craft beers.  Some pundits have
postulated that Platinum may turn out
to be a “faux-spirit infused beer” such
as Bud Light flavored with the taste of

Best Beer Now Legal

Westvleteren beers are not legally available outside of the abbey or the nearby café. That is,
until now.  The beer, generally regarded by experts as the best in the world, will now be sold
for the outside world in limited supply for a short time.  And it will likely never happen again.

Only 93,000 "gift boxes" have been produced, each containing six bottles of the beer and two
glasses. The one-day release was multiple stores of the Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt.

The abbey hope to receive 2.3 million Euros in revenue from the project.  The money gained
will be put toward expansion and restoration of the abbey which is in desperate need of major
repairs due to recent storms.  Originally sold by the abbey at 25 Euros per box many are now   
up for resale.  The online Belgium Shop is selling it at $320 per box; e-bay lists one for $250.

The beer itself is a Belgium Quad that boasts 10.2% alcohol by volume.  The flavor is lovely
and round, full of cherries, dates, rum, and brandy. Toasted marshmallow and bourbon come
through as well, with a touch of oak and hints of anise. It is delicious, filling, lingering, and
soft, chewy and rich but still vaporous and dry. A beer of contradictions and harmonies.
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The World Loves Beer

The Asian beer market grew by 6% last year
to reach 650 mln hl, and now accounts for
over a third of global beer consumption. Africa,
despite making up just over 5% of the global beer market,
performed very strongly, registering an 8% growth in
volume so far this year. Latin America also witnessed
positive growth of over 3%. In contrast, European beer
volumes declined by just over 1% in Eastern and Central
Europe, and by almost 2% in Western Europe. Volumes in
North America fell by just over 1% whilst the Australasian
beer market only achieved 1% growth.

China continues to be the engine of growth both in Asia
and globally. 2010 saw Chinese beer consumption
increase by 6%, and now one in every four pints of beer
worldwide is consumed in China. Beer volumes in India
grew by a dramatic 17% in 2010, but per capita
consumption remains below 2 litres. Vietnam was the other
star performer in Asia delivering a 15% increase in volume.

Brazil continued to lead the Latin American pack and
posted an 8% volume increase. Consumption in the Czech
Republic declined by 7% and Romania and Serbia both
saw volume declines of nearly 5%. Russian beer
consumption  showed no appreciable growth.