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Bud Goes Boom

Anheuser-Busch is introducing a new product under the
Budweiser banner that will have significant amounts of
caffeine, guarana (high caffeine herb), and ginseng.  This
potent combination will have, according to A-B, a sweet
and sour flavor profile.

The new brew is called "B-to-the E", which translates to
"Budweiser with something extra.  "BE", as it will be
referred to in ads, will be packaged in a 10-ounce, slim-line
can.  The can is meant to remind its target audience of the
non-alcoholic, caffeine heavy "energy" drink, Red Bull,
which has seen strong sales growth at bars.

BE has about 22 carbohydrates and 200 calories.  It will be
6.6% alcohol by volume (compared to about 5% in Bud), and
have 54 milligrams of caffeine - about the same as in a 12
ounce can of Mountain Dew.

If you can't wait for BE to hit your local store you can now
buy MoonShot Beer, a golden pilsner heavily laced with
caffeine, in bars across Massachusetts and greater

Moonshot was created by Rhonda Kallman, who teamed
with Jim Koch to start the Boston Beer Company nearly
two decades ago.  According to Kallman her idea came
from going to concerts and drinking beer with caffeinated
soda chasers.

Something tells me Sam Adams wouldn't have approved.

 InBev Beats A-B?

Belgium's Interbrew and Brazil's Ambev have completed
their $11.4 billion combination to create the world's largest
beer company by volume.  The new company will have an
industry leading 13% share of the global market with
brands such as Stella Artois and Beck's.  

Anheuser-Busch remains the beer world leader in revenue.