Tweet For Beer

Kevin Zelko likes to think of himself as
a smartest beer vendor who works
Seattle Mariners baseball park.
The 36-year-old teacher who, for the
past five seasons has served beer at
Safeco Field, is ready to take orders
from fans in the stands. Send a
message to his Twitter address,
@Msbeervendor, your seat and your
order and he’ll be there with your beer

Zelko says he normally sells about 80
beers during an average home game
from the beginning of the game until
the first pitch of 8th inning, when he
has to stop. On those days he pulls in
about $125. On weekends, he can
sell more than 100 beers and pull in
closer to $200.Zelko says he hopes
taking his vending to Twitter will take
some of the guesswork out of his
game by making his routes more

Not only will an ordered beer likely
mean a better tip, but he also says
that fans with smartphones, are more
likely to have more wealth and
therefore have more money to spend.

Breakfast Beer Paranoia

A new beer to be launched in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city  has been slammed by
alcohol watchdogs concerned about its promotion as a "breakfast beer."

The cherry-flavored wheat lager is described as "a beer the ladies can enjoy too
... if you're having a champagne breakfast but don't fancy champagne,
have a beer instead," on company promotions and ads.

The beer, made by Marlborough brewery Moa, contains 5.5 percent alcohol
has been slammed as "irresponsible."by the
National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman who said
said the marketing of the beer was "a completely irresponsible stunt from a
health and addiction perspective, because it is normalizing pathological behavior."

National manager of Students Against Drunk Driving Anna Reid was concerned people
would be leaving a "boozy breakfast" at a time when children were going to
school and people were going to work.

Moa co-owner Geoff Ross said the company was not trying to create irresponsible behavior.
In a statement, Ross said "look at cultures like Germany where a lager in the
right circumstances is part of the culture, or Italy where the grappa is used as
a morning pick-me-up. Cultures around the world consume alcohol in the right
way, and that includes breakfast.”
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Coors CEO's Salary Revealed

The CEO of Molson Coors Brewing Co.
saw the value of his pay package shrink
13 percent in 2010 as the brewer dealt with
falling beer sales.

Peter Swinburn's total compensation was valued at $7.1
million for the fiscal year. That's down from $8.1 million the
year before, according to an Associated Press analysis of a
regulatory document filed this week.

Most of the decline was accounted for by shrinking stock
awards, which fell 34 percent to $2.3 million.Swinburn's
base salary totaled $941,667, 8 percent higher than in

Molson Coors gave him a nearly $1.9 million performance
-based cash bonus, 10 percent lower than the one he was
given in 2009. His compensation also included $1.5 million
worth of options awards, up 10 percent from the prior
year. He also received $384,368 in other compensation,
which includes perks such as sports tickets, a car
allowance and parking allowance. That's up 41% from the
year before.  However, if you still feel Mr. Swinburn is
underpaid then switch from your favorite craft beer to any
one of the Molson or Coors products.  We're sure he'll
appreciate the gesture.