Poll Resutls!

Bass beer conducted a survey in
five New York City pubs to find out
beer drinkers' opinions about the
candidates and issues in the
upcoming Presidential election.

The 223 respondents identifed
themselves as being
39.9 % Democrats,
31.9 %; Republicans,
26.3 %  unaffiliated,
and 3.9% as unregistered.
(14.3% seemed sober at the time
of the poll.)

Forty three percent would rather
have a beer with President Bush,
as compared to 25.1 % with John
Kerry.  John Edwards was third
with 16.6%, while only 6.7%
selected Dick Cheney.

When asked which candidate they
would want to be the bartender
at their local pub  Bush won hands
down with 39.9% of the vote.  
Kerry was second with 26%,
Edwards third with 16%, and
Cheney was last with 11%.

Teresa Heinz Kerry topped the
combined list as the person who
would make the best bouncer at a
trendy New York club.

When asked who would make the
best owner of a pub 26% picked
Bill Clinton, Kerry was second with
17%, and Bush third with 13.9%.

Feature News  from  beernexus.com
Pink Beer Bottles?

It's all about marketing.   After all, if clear bottles motivate
beer sales how about boldly designed aluminum ones?  

Pittsburg Brewing Co. will soon test that theory as it will
introduce its flagship Iron City Beer in long-neck, 12 ounce
aluminum bottles in an effort to upgrade its image to
compete against imported lagers.

"We believe it's going to be the package of the future," said
Joseph Piccirilli, vice- chairman of the brewery, which
invested nearly half a million dollars to convert bottling
equipment to handle the new aluminum container.

According to Piccirilli, the cans are lighter than glass, more
portable, and chill faster.  Each can is lined with a polymer
seal to prevent interaction between the aluminum and the
liquid.  Pittsburg Brewing Company's new bottle has a pop
off top rather than a tab.  The bottles are unbreakable
making them easier to ship and more cost effective to

New packaging can change the perception of a brand.  First
bottled in 1999, Smirnoff Ice was shunned by many men as
a "female drink.".   A year ago, in the UK, the drink was put
in sleek aluminum bottles which caused sales among men
to double.

Anheuser-Busch has joined the bandwagon as it recently
confirmed that it is adding an aluminum bottle to its
packaging line up for Michelob, Michelob LIght, and
Anheuser World Select.

The new speciality aluminum bottles can be expensive
however.  The Iron City one will cost the company nearly
twice as much (about 30 cents) as a glass bottle.  Ed
Martin, vice president of sales, said that "the unique look
will be worth it.  This isn't designed for Joe Six Pack but for
those who want to be noticed at clubs."

Just don't make the bottle pink, Ed.