Pabst is Back!

Pabst Blue Ribbon, or just PBR to
its advocates, is making an unlikely
comeback across the country.  
After a steady decline since the
1970's, sales rose about 5% in
2002 and an amazing 16% in 2003.
Sales have already increased nearly
20% in 2004!

Only three years ago the 160 year
old brand had fallen to less than 1
million barrels sold, about
one-tenth of it's peak in 1975.  

The comeback began in Portland,
Ore. where, for reasons even
Pabst is unsure about, youthful
trendsetters like punk rockers,
kayakers, and mountain bikers
began to champion it.

Some marketing analysists have
suggested that the buying surge
began as the result of young
consumers rebelling against
established, mass-marketed brands.

Now based in San Antonio, TX,
the Pabst Brewing Co.'s current
marketing strategy is to eschew
conventional advertising in favor of
subtle activities that help generate
word of mounth buzz.

Keeping things in perspective,  
Eric Shepar, editor of Beer
Marketer's Insights, said, "it's a
nice story but I don't know if any
of the major brewers are quaking
in their boots just yet."
Feature News  from
American Beer Month in July

For the fifth consecutive year the  Association of Brewers
has designated July as American Beer Month.  Their official
goal is to have consumers "learn about, seek out, and
enjoy great American brews."

With over 1400 breweries in the US Americans are often
the envy of beer drinkers around the world despite the fact
that to many Americans  beer simply conjures up images
of those big breweries in Colorado, St. Louis, and
Milwaukee.  "We want every American to understand how
varied and interesting American beers really are today,"
said Ray Daniels, Director of Marketing for the
Association of Brewers.  

Stretching the month concept just a bit, this year's  
celebration began on June 21 and will end on July 31.   
Each week a different style will be featured in promotional
activities.  Styles covered are Wheat Beers (June 21-27),
Pilsner (June 28-July 4), American Pale Ale (July 5-11),
Brown Ale (July 12-18), American Amber AleJuly 19-25),
and lastly, India Pale Ale (July 26-31).

The Association  suggests consumers check with their
local pubs for special activities and visit their website at  

A few suggestions from the Nexus staff :
Visit your local brewpub.  Try their sampler.
Take a tour of a local brewery.  
Order a beer you haven't had before.  
Attend a beer festival (see the listing on
Have a beer tasting party.

Enjoy American beer!!