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United Kingdom is traditionally
famous for its ales. However, recently
ales have been beaten by lagers on all
fronts with Carling  holding the first
place, Australian Foster’s and Belgian
Stella Artois are ranked second and
third respectively whileCarlsberg is the
fourth top seller.

Ireland sales show that Guinness has
been losing its market share during the
last years but it still dominates the beer
market with more than half of total
sales. Among lagers, Harp is the most
popular brand but it is also produced
by the owner of Guinness, Diageo, so
they are not quite in competition.

Belgium is beer lovers’ heaven but  is
the also the homeland of the world’s
No. 1 brewer AB InBev.   However,
Stella Artois, their flagship brew, only
has a  market share of 8%. Leading
the pack is AB InBev’s Jupiler that
enjoys an impressive 40%
share of the market.
No Taste, Less Filling

Chicago-based MillerCoors is trying to prove that its new brew -- sort of a diet beer -- is no
fad, and so far its sales momentum continues to increase. The company's MGD 64, which
has just 64 calories, has been one of the biggest success stories in the beer world.
Most of MGD 64's sales come from consumers who normally don't drink much beer but are
drinking more now because they can choose an ultra-low-calorie brew, said Sharon
McLenahan, MillerCoors' senior director of heritage brands.

MGD stands for Miller Genuine Draft and 64 replaced the weak-selling Miller Genuine
Draft Light, a conventional light beer. MGD 64 has 32 fewer calories than Miller Lite and 79
fewer calories than Miller Genuine Draft. It also has less alcohol: 2.8% compared with 4.2%
for Lite.  MGD 64 had racked up $100 million in sales since its introduction making it the
fastest growing beer in the marketplace.

Archrival Anheuser-Busch has taken notice with the launching of Select 55, a 55-calorie brew
that it touts as the world's lowest-calorie beer. The beer giant so far is just testing the
super-low-cal market, debuting Select 55 in 15 metro areas. If it goes full-tilt with a national
rollout, history indicates Bud is the best bet to eventually lead the low-cal market.  All of
which goes to prove that no taste is not a negative to a lot of consumers.
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Latest Statistics: Most Popular Beers

Many people believe that Budweiser is the undisputed
leader on the American market. However, it’s Bud Light
that has been #1 since 2001. This brand enjoys a 16%
share of the global sales in spite of the fact that it is
available only in the US, Canada, Columbia, Mexico,
Ireland, and Sweden. Budweiser is the second-best in the
United States. The next are Miller Lite, Coors20Light,
and Corona Extra.

At the moment, Canada’s most popular brand is Labatt
Blue. Coors Light is ranked second and Molson
Canadian - third.  In Mexico, Corona indeed is the best-
selling beer. It also is the most widely distributed beer in
the world and can be bought in more than 150 countries.
The nation’s second and third most loved beers are
Tecate and Dos Equis. Tecate Light is close at their heels.

In Germany’s 1300 breweries (in the total number of
breweries),  lagers, of course, dominate the market.
Krombacher, Bitburger, Warsteiner, and Beck’s are the
most popular and the most exported of German beers.

The Netherlands is dominated byHeineken. Its closest
rival Amstel is produced mostly for export, \Grolsch is
ranked third, and is lagging behind considerably.
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