Scottish Brewery

A Scottish brewery has been branded
"irresponsible" after launching what it
said was the UK's strongest beer.
With an 18.2% alcohol content, a
330ml bottle of "Tokyo", made by
BrewDog, contained six units of
alcohol - twice the recommended
daily limit.

The company insisted the beer's high
quality would help tackle the
country's binge-drinking culture
claiming people consume less quantity
of beers with unique flavors.  the
group Alcohol Focus Scotland
branded the brewer's argument

The brewing company's latest
product uses jasmine, cranberries,
malts and American hops, and is then
fermented with a champagne yeast
to make the high alcohol content.  
BrewDog has produced a run of
3,000 limited edition bottles of
Beer Ice Cream Floats

The new summer fad is beer in ice cream.  It may sound strange but it does make a
refreshing change of pace from that ubiquitous brewpub finale, cheesecake.

The most popular "float" is a scoop of raspberry sorbet served in a stemmed Belgian glass
filled with lambic.  Many beer themed restaurants report that a triple decker treat: fudgy
brownie, vanilla ice cream and porter poured on top is also a top seller.

Sweet cream, whipped and frozen smooth, is a perfect foil for malty, slightly bitter flavors of
beer.  If you are watching calories and want to stay away from ice cream try blending  
chocolate, or tropical fruits with your beer.  It may take some experimentation to find the
perfect combination for your tastes but that's part of the fun.

Lastly, if you prefer something icy and refreshing try freezing fruit lambics.  It's perfect as an
intermezzo sorbet substitute or just as a chilling pick me up on a hot day.
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Starbucks' Beer

Starbucks Corp. will add beer and wine to its menu of
coffees, teas and snacks at one of its Seattle locations.
The store has been named “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea
inspired by Starbucks”.  Starbucks plans to serve alcohol
at two additional stores in Seattle in the next month. The
performance of the Seattle area stores will determine if
Starbucks will sell alcohol elsewhere.  The beer and wine
selection will range from $4-$7.  Unlike most bars the
new Starbucks will also host live music and poetry
readings and sell espresso from a manual machine rather
than the automated type in most of the chain's stores.

The coffee giant has had a rough year, closing nearly 600
stores in early 2008.  In an effort to improve income
Starbucks is implementing other trial menu initiatives,
including smoothies and ‘drinkable sorbets’.

Beer Soars in China

China's Tsingtao Brewery  has soared 65 percent
increase in sales this year making it one of the world's
fastest growing beers. China's beer market is valued at
almost $36 billion (200)9 compared with about $17
billion in 2001.  In contrast, neighboring Japan's mature
beer market is valued at about $42.5 billion, but its size
has been steadily declining ($51 billion in 2004)