Big Sam

Boston Beer Co. which is known for
its Samuel Adams brand, said it is
brewing an "imperial" series that
features "more robust flavors," not to
mention a more robust alcohol
content - and a more robust price
tag.  The Imperial Series will be
available nationwide in March at
asuggested retail price of $9.99 per
four-pack, the company added.  

The new series of beers includes
Samuel Adams Imperial White, Samuel
Adams Imperial Stout, and Samuel
Adams Double Bock.

Big Anchor

Meet Anchor's Our Barrel Beer - it
checks in at  8.2% and has been
aged six months in charred oak
barrels that had been used to age
Anchor Old Potrero Straight Rye
Whisky.  Anchor Proprietor Fritz
Maytag said it will sell for $30 a bottle
beginning in early March.  The beer is
medium brown with very mellow,
smooth, faintly sweet flavors; it has a
drying, mild vanilla finish and a bit of
warmth from the alcohol.
What to Order for Dessert

Some tips for pairing beer with desserts:

Combine the chocolate chip cookies with a good brown ale (not too hoppy).  Use beer styles
that have a roasted, bready quality that matches the golden cookie.

With airy desserts such as chocolate souffle or light cake, look for a porter.

A fruited Belgian beer, such as Lindemans Framboise, which is flavored with
raspberries, or Kasteel Rouge, which owes its deep pink to cherry juice,
will go well with bitter chocolate treats.

If cheesecake is your choice try a Baltic strong porter or a solid American stout.

Opt for a spiced ale or a cream stout with pumpkin pie.

When in doubt go with  a stout, the blackest member of the ale family, for most  desserts.
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Beer Fights Cancer

Beer has tumor-inhibitory properties, according to
Italian scientists from National Cancer Research
Institute, Genoa.  In a published research report they
say that an analysis of the composition of beer showed
that the beverage contains a large amount of special
molecules that hamper the development of malignant
tumors in the human organism.

Their research further showed that beer with bitter
taste and thick foam is estimated to be healthier in this
respect.  Red wine and tea have the same properties,
but the level of anti-cancer molecules in these two
beverages is much lower.

And even more ...

Using beer as a marinade makes your red meat
much healthier according to a New Scientist
magazine.  A simple marinade of beer
dramatically reduces a fried or barbecued
steak's cancer-causing properties.  The high
temperatures of frying or grilling morph the sugars
and amino acids in meat's muscle tissue into a
compound called heterocyclic amines (HA), which
can cause cancer.  Marinating steak in beer cuts
the levels of two types of HA by 90 %. Beer
marinade achieved this in four hours.