Master of Draughts

The 12th edition of the Stella Artois
World Draught Master Competition -
a contest that selects the world’s best
pourer of Belgian beers has just been
completed in Leuven,Belgium.

Thirty international finalists were flown
in for the contest.  The title of World
Draught Master title was won by
Tommy Goukens from Belgium (1st
place winner) with Claire Dong of
China (1st runner-up).

The contest begins with a cleaning
process and moves to proper pouring
in which the glass is held at a 45
degree angle without touching the
tap. The  glass is then lowered to
allow the natural formation of ‘The
Head’ followed by a clean quick
removal of the glass from under the
tap. As the head foams up and
overflows the side of the glass, a head-
cuter is used for gently removing the
excess foam.

A careful re-dipping of the filled glass
to restore its proper drinking
temperature is done before
presentation of the glass.The glass is
presented on a clean coaster with the
logo facing the consumer.
All Alcohol Is Not The Same

Research has shown that the body reacts differently to beer and liquor: at equivalent
levels of pure alcohol, liquor results in a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) on an empty
stomach, whereas beer produces a higher BAC on a full stomach. Finally, people who
prefer wine, beer, or liquor may actually be drinking different amounts of pure ethanol
in a typical single 'drink. Even the federal government sees beer in a different way from
wine and liquor; the federal excise tax rate per gallon is $13.50 for spirits, $1.07 for wine
but only $.58 for beer.

Miller Booted from UK

GMiller Beer will be pulled from the UK market at the beginning of next year because it
is "no longer viable". It follows a decision between Miller Brands UK and Scottish &
Newcastle, which brews, markets and distributes the brand, to end their agreement.  
Miller was originally launched in UK as Miller Lite in the late Eighties. It was relaunched
as Miller Pilsner in the early Nineties before being renamed Miller Beer under the
stewardship of S&N, which took over the brand in 1995.
Feature News
Feature News  from
College Credit for Beer

Since the University of Wisconsin announced it would
launch a class this spring on beer brewing—one of the
nation's first major colleges to do so—undergraduates
have been scrambling to sign up.  John Roll, who will
teach the course, insists that has nothing to do with
the school's reputation for beer guzzling, made evident
by its No. 1 party school ranking in recent years by
Playboy and Princeton Review, or by Wisconsin's
binge drinking rate—the highest in the country.
No, he says, interest in the course springs from the
region's long history of making beer. The course, in
the university's bacteriology department, will focus on
fermentation rather than consumption.

MillerCoors donated $100,000 in equipment that can
make 10 gallons—roughly two cases—of beer at a
time. So what's going to happen with the final product?
"The students will sample it and critique it," Roll said.
"But  we'll probably dump any excess

Boston Beer Playground

Thanks mainly to  a $50,000 gift from Boston Beer Co.,
kindergarten and first-grade students at Freetown, MA
elementary school will be getting a brand-new
playground next year sized just for them.

Beer people really are nice!