Eyes of the Beer-Holder

Now researchers have finally proved that
beauty is in fact in the eye of the beer
holder, rather than the beholder.

According to a new study, people do
appear more attractive to both sexes
when they've had a drink and have their
'beer goggles' on.  As little as a pint and a
half of beer is enough to make everyone
seem more desirable, researchers have
found.  Men are worst affected, with
their vision distorted or their 'goggles'
lasting for as long as 24 hours after a
heavy drinking session.

The study, conducted at Bristol
University, involved male and female
volunteers being randomly allocated either
a drink of vodka and lime or a
similar-tasting soft drink. Half an hour
later, they were asked to rate the
attractiveness of 20 male and 20 female
faces on a seven-point scale.Those who
had been drinking alcohol scored the
faces around 10 per cent higher than
those who had not.The following day
both sexes were tested again and men
who had drunk alcohol still scored pictures
of women more highly than the

The researchers concluded: 'Alcohol
consumption increases ratings of
attractiveness of facial stimuli.
Olympic Beer

The average price of a pub pint of beer could reach £5 by the 2012 London Olympic
Games, Commercial and Business News cited the warning of the Campaign for Real Ale
(CAMRA) on August 5.  According to research by the organisation, a pint of real ale has
increased 12 pence and a pint of lager has risen 14 pence in the past four months alone.

CAMRA blames for the price surge the 10% increase in beer tax in March’s budget.
Britain currently has the highest rate of beer tax in the EU, with the taxman receiving
80p in duty and tax for every pint sold in a pub. Pub beer price inflation could exceed
10% during 2008, and unless planned beer tax hikes are shelved many pubs will close and
the price of a pint could hit £4 in London and the South East and ov er £5 for the 2012
London Olympics, CAMRA experts assert.

CAMRA Chief Executive, Mike Benner, said: “This year’s devastating increase in beer
tax has forced publicans to increase prices and pub-goers are right to lay the blame at the
door of the Government. High beer taxes threaten to prevent many low and moderate
earners enjoying a regular pint at their local pub. The average price of a pint of real ale is
currently £2.59 whilst lager costs £2.82.

Feature News
Feature News  from  beernexus.com
No Tears for Augie Busch

August Busch, president and chief executive of
Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser beer, has
received a consulting contract that will pay him more
than $US10 million after a merger with InBev.  

Mr Busch will also be receive a $US6 million bonus for
2008 and $US88.6 million in equity awards, according
to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange
Commission.  InBev, the maker of Beck's and Stella
Artois beer, agreed to buy the Budweiser brewer for
$US52 billion last month in a deal that will make the
Belgium-based company the world's biggest beer
seller. Under the consulting agreement, Mr Busch will
receive a lump sum payment of $US10.4 million and a
monthly fee of $US120,000 until 2013.

18 to Drink?

Recently 100 plus college presidents  recommended
that the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18. They say
dropping the legal age will lessen the appeal and
underground culture of college drinking. They believe
it will also reduce binge drinking and prompt more
moderate in their alcohol consumption. The drinking
age was established at 21 years of age in 1933 after
Prohibition. In 1971, when the voting age was lowered
from 21 to 18, several states reduced the drinking age
too. In 1984, however, with the National Minimum
Drinking Age Act of 1984, all U.S. states were required
to return the drinking age to 21.