Will Your Pub Be

The Brewer's Association of
America  (BAA) and the
Draught Beer Guild will soon
issue Draught Beer Retail

"Draft beer is the life blood of
the small brewing industry",
said BAA President Daniel
Bradford.  "Making sure beer
tastes as good in the glass as it
does in the keg is the highest
priority of our association."

The BAA president went on to
charge that many bars are
serving beer that has been
damaged by improper handling
after it leaves the brewery or
by poorly maintained draft lines.

Feature News  from  beernexus.com
Up or Down? Science Takes
on Guinness Bubbles!

Do they rise?  Do they reamin steady?  Is it an optical
illusion?  Well, it's now official - Guinness bubbles
really do sink!

Scientists have finally proved that those mesmorizing
creamy bubbles that fascinate the waiting drinker of
the world's most famous stout  actually flow down
instead of up.   

Dr. Andrew Alexander, from the University of
Edinburgh's School of Chemistry, headed the research
team.  "At first we thought the dark liquid flowing  down
as a pint was poured gave the illusion the bubbles
were going down" said Dr. Alexander.  "But that proved
not to be the case."

The noted scientist discovered that as a pint settles,
bubbles touching the walls of the glass experience
drag, similar to what a person feels sliding a finger
along glass, and that prevents them from floating up.

The bubbles in the middle however, are free to rise,
creating a circular flow within the glass that causes
bubbles at the edge to be pushed downwards on the
inside surface of the glass.