Carbon Neutral Beer

Adnams' brewery's environmentally
friendly beer, East Green, is the world's
first carbon neutral beer.

Rob Flanagan, Adnams sales director, said:
" The draught version is even more
environmentally efficient because it is
packed in casks rather than bottles. We
know that there is a growing demand for
ethical products and we believe a beer
with low environmental impact is what
our customers want.”

The beer is brewed in Adnams’ eco
brewery, designed to recycle 100 per
cent of the steam created during brewing
which is then used it to heat 90 per cent
of the next brew.  It is made with Suffolk-
grown high-yielding barley to keep food
miles down and Boadicea hops, which are
naturally aphid-resistant so reduce the
pesticide use. We at BeerNexus have only
one question -does it taste any good?

Space Beer

To prepare for a future in which humans
spend extended periods of time in space
Japanese brewery Sapporo Holdings said it
would make beer using the third
generation of barley grains that had spent
five months on the International Space
Station in 2006.  "We want to finish the
beer by November. It will be the first
space beer," Sapporo executive Junichi
Ichikawa told reporters.
We at BeerNexushave only one question-
does it taste good?
Beer Fit For A Queen

It's a beer fit for a queen.  Marking today's 55th anniversary of the Queen's coronation,
Foster's Brewery has sent the Queen a gift-wrapped bottle of Crown Ambassador Reserve
lager, the first from a limited release of 5000 champagne-style bottles.

The same beer will soon be available to the regular public at $60 per bottle. The gesture is
a crafty marketing hook to launch a new drinks category Foster's master brewer John
Cozens calls "luxury beer".

"It's expensive to make and it's expensive to package but it's Australian, it's luxury and
let's hope there's more to come," said Mr Cozens, head brewer for 39 years.

Other Australian brewers have begun to embrace the "luxury" beer angle as drought,
grain costs and availability shrink profit margins.

John Cozens with a bottle of Crown Ambassador Reserve                 
Feature News
Feature News  from
Goodbye Budweiser??

Anheuser-Busch Cos Inc plans to reject InBev NV's
unsolicited $46.3 billion takeover offer, saying it
undervalues the company. Anheuser-Busch is best
known as the brewer of Budweiser beer, and InBev, as
the maker of Stella Artois and Beck's.

In rebuffing InBev's offer, Anheuser-Busch plans to
map out its own restructuring plan soon that would
include the sale of the company's theme park
operations, a large number of layoffs, more than $500
million in cost-cutting efforts and the sale of Anheuser-
Busch's packaging unit.

Analysts had speculated InBev may have to raise its
offer by more than $3 billion, to around $70 a share, to
woo A-B shareholders into a deal to create the world's
largest brewer, making a quarter of the world's beer.  
The original $65-a-share offer tops Anheuser's all-time
high and is 35 percent higher than the average share
price over the preceding month.

The namesakes behind the Anheuser-Busch operation
own less than 3% of the company's stock, meaning
there would be little they could do to halt a hostile bid.
Perhaps more important will be the actions of Warren
Buffet, who controls closer to 5% of A-B shares. The
billionaire the second-largest investor in the company.

Those opposed to any sort of sale have set up a
website,, with an online petition where  
citizens including Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, have
committed to “joining the effort to keep Anheuser-
Busch owned and operated right here in America.”