Water Beats Beer

Per-person consumption of bottled water
has now outpaced that of beer and is
second only to carbonated soft drinks.  
Consumption of bottled water in 2007
compared with 2006 was up 7.1 percent,
to 22.5 gallons, with beer rising by 1.4
percent, to 22.2 gallons per person last
year.  Soft drinks kept hold of the No. 1
spot, at 49.3 gallons per person down
3.3 percent  Per-person consumption of
bottled water has doubled in the past 10
years.  All of which means anyone reading
this should double their beer intake in the
drive to make beer #1 !

Obama Beer

Although the beer's label says "Senator,"
Kenyans have dubbed it Obama after
Barack Obama, whose late father was
born in Kenya.  Demand is soaring for
"Obama," which at 40 cents a glass is
marketed to low-income consumers as an
alternative to dangerous, cheap home
brews. More than half of Kenya's 32
million people live on less than $1 a day,
and mainstream beers at $1 to $3 a
bottle are out of reach for most. As a
result, Senator has become the beer of
choice in many slums and rural areas
across Kenya.  To discourage the often
lethal home brews made from corn,
sorghum or sugarcane, the government
removed the excise tax from Senator
beer after the brand was launched in
2004 by East African Breweries Limited.
Coors Donates Beer Fuel

Some corporations donate dollars and others donate services. Molson Coors is donating
fuel made mostly out of beer waste to the Democratic National Convention.

The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee said Wednesday that Molson Coors will
donate all the ethanol-gasoline fuel blend the convention's fleet of flex-fuel vehicles will
need.The fuel, known as E85, is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

The ethanol is made from beer lost during packaging or rejected for quality reasons at
the company's brewery in Golden. The Denver company began converting waste beer to
ethanol in 1996 and today produces about 3 million gallons of ethanol per year. Molson
Coors, one of the world's largest brewers, also will provide beer for the convention.

No beer sponsor has yet been designated for the Republican convention.
Feature News
Feature News  from  beernexus.com
Beer Season

Memorial Day kicks off prime beer-drinking season,
and this year, U.S. adults are expected to buy a
whopping 21 million cases (worth $381 million retail) in
major supermarkets alone during the two weeks
surrounding the holiday, according to the latest
category data from The Nielsen Company.

That makes Memorial Day second only to July 4th in
terms of the year's biggest suds days. In fact,
volume-wise, those two weeks account for fully 5% of
total annual beer sales.  During the summer as a
whole, American light lager beer (which includes Bud,
Bud Light, Miller, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors and
Coors Light) accounts for half of all sales.

Beer + Milk = Bilk

Some very resourceful milk producers in Japan have
found a way to use that surplus milk, by making it into
beer. Now you can drink your beer and get your
calcium too. Nakahara's new brew is called "Bilk". Yes,
it's a combination of milk and beer.  It's about 30
percent milk but it also contains hops and the rest of
the production process is about the same as with any
other beer. Nakahara's shop started selling the brew
on February 1st after spending about six months
developing the beer with a local brewer. It has a
slightly milky scent but other than that, it tastes
just like any other beer, according to the brewer.