World Beer Cup

2008 World Beer Cup competition, often
called the Olympics of beer, has
announced this year's winners.

Winning the title of
"Best Brewery in the World" were:
1. Large Brewery-
Blue Moon Brewing Company, U.S.
Brewer: Warren Quilliam
2. Mid-Size Brewing Company-
Privatbrauerei Hoepfner GmbH , Germany
Brewer: Peter Bucher
3. Small Brewery-
Port Brewing Company and The Lost
Abbey, U.S.
Brewer: Tomme Arthur

Gold Medal winning beers included:
Best Classic English-Style Pale Ale:
MacTarnahan's Amber Ale, Pyramid
Breweries Inc., Seattle, WA
Best American-Style Light Lager: Old
Milwaukee Light, Pabst Brewing Co.

Other medal winners included a silver to
JW Dundee's Dopplebock in the
German-style strong bock category,
Brewery Ommegang with a silver for its
Ommegang Witte in the Belgian-style
white/wheat category;
Brooklyn Brewery, a bronze for its
Brooklyn Lager in the American-style lager
category and a gold for its Brooklyn Black
Chocolate Stout in the British-style
imperial stout category;
FX Matt Brewing Co. winning silver for its
Saranac Pale Ale in the classic English-style
pale ale category.
Table Taps

Georgia is a state that still bans residents from picking up a six-pack on Sundays but it  
is now home to a new system that lets diners pull their own beer at the table.
"It turns out the law supports it. It's the same as putting a pitcher of beer at the table,
and it actually increases monitoring," says Jeff Libby,  who patented the system.
His concept is simple. Taps boasting two beer spouts are built into tables.  Each is hooked
into a cooler of kegs in the bar's basement through a network of tubes and pipes.

To fly with state officials, serve-yourself beer had to include some built-in deterrents.
A waitress must first check IDs before turning on the tap. When the digital ticker
counting each ounce hits 180 — or about three pitchers — the taps shut off until a
server comes by to check on the table. Each tap has two spouts offering a selection of the
bar's available beers,  Customers can only pick which taps they get by reserving the "tap
party" table.  

Meters and valves monitor the flow and instantly display how many ounces the table has
tapped. Libby promotes it as a way to cut down on serving time. It also allows restaurants
to charge for every drop, even spillage or foam
Feature News
Feature News  from
The Ultimate Organic Beer

There's a new breed of beer that pushes into "new
age" territory.  According to the brewer/owner John
Lemont, it "not only does tastes great,  it's also ethical
since it is produced using biodynamic farming."

According to owner/brewer Ben LeMone, "biodynamic
farming is founded on a holistic and spiritual
understanding of nature and the human being."

LeMone calls his lager Vollmond.  He is especially
proud of that fact that it is "brewed in harmony with the
lunar cycle."  Translation: he brews it exclusively on
the night of a full moon. Vollmond beer only uses
barley grown in the Engadin region of Switzerland. At
5,250 feet, it is the highest crop growing region in
Europe.  That results in barley that matures at an
especially slow rate which in turn yields a very rich
flavour. This is truly organic barley since at such an
altitude pests cannot live and therefore no
chemicals are needed.

The water used in Vollmond lager comes from the
brewery's own natural spring, found high in the Swiss
Alpstein Mountains. The water is 100% pure and is
added to the mix untainted, and untreated.

Vollmond has received the BIO award, which is the
highest organic certification award in Switzerland.
Indeed, the locals are so certain of the beer's health
giving properties that cosmetic and bath products are
now being made from it.