Beer v. Wine Vote

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll
released Tuesday suggests a voter’s
drinking preferences may also reveal their
political preferences.

Beer drinkers appear more likely to vote
for Sen. John McCain in November, while
those who enjoy wine say they’re more
likely to vote Democratic in the fall.

Among registered voters who prefer beer
to wine, McCain has a 53 percent-46
percent edge over Sen. Hillary Clinton
while McCain winds up in a virtual tie with
Sen. Barack Obama among beer drinkers.

In the head-to-head match-ups with
McCain, Sens. Obama and Clinton each
win a majority among registered voters
who prefer wine to beer.

Overall, 28 percent of all Americans say
they prefer beer to wine and 31 percent
say they would rather have a glass of
wine than a bottle of brew. (The rest
claim that they never drink under any

The apparent political differences are
really matters of gender and class – men
are big beer drinkers while women prefer
wine over beer, as do higher-income
Americans and college graduates.

The poll of 950 registered voters was
conducted by telephone in late March  
has a sampling error of 6.5%.
The Next Federal Holiday?

Irish beer maker Guinness thinks March 17 deserves more: recognition as an
official U.S. holiday.  Guinness is collecting signatures for the cause, known as
'Proposition 3-17,' and as has more than 260,000 signees online and in more
than 900 taverns around the country, according to the company's Web site.

Guinness will turn the petition over to Congress regardless of the final tally,
since there are no minimum signature requirements needed to give the
proposition to lawmakers.

'The signatures are really more of a way to show how many people are really
behind this idea,' said Guinness spokesman Jim Sias. The brewery hopes the
holiday will become official next year by giving workers the day off.

Creating a national holiday isn't simple. Congress and the president would have
to approve it, and past proposals to turn Constitution Day and Cinco de Mayo
into federal holidays failed. There are only 11 national holidays in the U.S.,
including Inauguration Day, observed once every four years when the president
is sworn into office. The last holiday added was Martin Luther King Day in 1983.
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Natural Light Goes Big Time

The perennially under-advertised Natural Light will
bask in the spotlight, as Anheuser-Busch breaks an
integrated campaign after more than a decade-long
absence for the No. 5 brand in the beer category.

The millions of dollars worth of new ads will introduce  
beer vernacular like "Naturday" (the awesomest day of
the week) and "Nat-trick" (pulling three cans out of the
cooler with a single grab). Packaging debuting in May
and booklets at retail displays will sport other
Nattyisms. Consumers can submit their own Natty
words to an online blog and enter a sweepstakes to
win MP3 players and other electronic devices.

Shipments of Natural Light, the leading sub-premium
priced beer, grew 18% from 1999 to 9.1 million
barrels in 2007, with no advertising bought by A-B and
only nominal spending from wholesalers. The brand
hasn't had significant marketing support since shortly
after it was introduced in 1977.

Haircut means free beer!

Barbershop owner Thomas Martin is taking his case to
court to restore his cut-and-a-beer service. Martin has
11 shops in the Grand Rapids (MI) area and had offered
customers one complimentary brew until authorities in
two counties told him to stop.  Current State law
prohibits businesses where people consume alcohol
when paying for other services