Sam Adams
Guardian Angel

Jim Koch, founder and owner of Boston
Beer, brewer of the Samuel Adams beers,
will sell 20,000 pounds of hops that
otherwise would not be available to smaller
breweries. The company will sell the hops
at its cost, which is considerably
less than they would bring on the open
(or "spot") market.

Koch said, "For a couple of months now,
we've all been facing the unprecedented
hops shortage and it's affected all craft
brewers in various ways. The impact is
even worse on the small craft brewers -
openings delayed, recipes changed,
astronomical hops prices being paid and
brewers who couldn't make beer.

"So we looked at our own hops supplies
at Boston Beer and decided we could
share some of our hops with other craft
brewers who are struggling to get
hops this year."

The brewery will sell 10,000 pounds of
East Kent Goldings from Great Britain
and 10,000 pounds of Tettnang
Tettnanger from small farms in the
Tettnangregion in Germany. Both are
"aroma hops .

Samuel Adams will limit the amount sold
to any one brewery in order to
assure as many as possible get hops.

"The purpose of doing this is to get some
hops to the brewers who really
need them. So if you don't really need
them, please don't order them," Koch
wrote. "And don't order them just
because we're making them available at a
price way below market. Order them
because you need these hops to make
your beer. We're not asking questions, so
let your conscience be your guide."

This will be explained in the "Hop-Sharing
Program" area at the Adams website

Jim Koch, a true beer saint.          
Beer Drinker of the Year!

Wynkoop Brewing Co. named Matt Venzke the winner of its "12th
Annual Search for America's Ultimate Beer Fiend" last weekend in
Denver. Venzke wins "free beer for life" at the brewery, a $250 beer tab
at his favorite bar — the Taphouse in Hampton, VA — and the
opportunity to create a special beer with Wynkoop's head brewer for next
year's event.  Wynkoop cited "humor" along with "a combination of
impressive beer drinking experiences... and beer ambassadorship as key
elements in Venzke's selection. His resume depicts a well-traveled "beer
snob" who has visited 454 breweries in 16 nations and 39 states.
Feature News
Feature News  from
Caffeinated Brews Investigated

The brewers Anheuser-Busch and Miller Brewing said on
Wednesday that several state attorneys general had
demanded information on how they market and sell
caffeinated alcoholic drinks.  The subpoenas revive a
controversy that fueled Anheuser’s decision last year to
withdraw its Spykes drinks from the market after
criticism accusing it of aiming at underage drinkers with
brightly colored packaging and faddish marketing.

Anheuser, which controls nearly half the American
beer market with brands like Budweiser and Bud Light,
said that the attorneys general of New York, Maine,
Maryland, Arizona and Iowa had subpoenaed it for
information about its Tilt and Bud Extra products, which
are malt beverages with caffeine.

Miller said it had received investigative demands from
the attorneys general of New York, Maine, Iowa and
Illinois for information about its Sparks line of drinks.
Both companies said they were cooperating
with the investigation.

Craft Beer Sales Soar

Move over, wine. It just might be
beer’s time to shine. According to the Brewer’s
Association, craft beer — defined as being produced by
brewers that are small, independent and traditional —
saw an impressive 11 percent growth for the last half of
2007, and is the fastest-growing category in the
alcoholic-beverage industry.