US Brews Score

Craft Breweries in U.S. Show They
Can Compete on an international level
when they won a combined 30
medals from the Stockholm Beer and
Whisky Festival and the European
Beer Star Competition. Eighteen U.S.
craft breweries participated and eight
breweries won medals.

Category: Well Hopped Lager
( max 5.9% ABV)
Silver - Boston Lager, Boston Beer Co

Category: Ale 4.8% to 5.9%
Gold - Harpoon IPA, Harpoon Brewery
Silver - Red Seal Ale, North Coast Brewing
Bronze - 5 Barrel Pale Ale, Odell Brewing

Category: Porter/Stout to 5.9% ABV
Gold - Porter, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Silver - St Bridgets Porter, Great Divide

Category: Strong Beer 6.0% +ABV
Gold - Shakespeare Stout, Rogue Ales

Category: Strong Beer 8.0%+ ABV
Gold - 90 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head

Ministers Fight Beer

Ministers are threatening to change
the law to stop supermarkets
advertising beer and wine at bargain
prices in a bid to tackle the epidemic
of binge drinking sweeping Britain.  

Ministers say they have become
frustrated that supermarkets discount
beer and wine to the extent that they
use it as a loss leader.   The ministers
"want to make it illegal" to sell beer,
wine and cider below cost.  
Government officials have indicated
that a crackdown on price would be
near-impossible under Competition
Law after talks with the Office of Fair
Save Energy While Drinking

Beer lovers will soon be able to expend less energy on their way back
from the bar and also do their bit to cut waste and carbon emissions after
five leading brewers announced they had slashed the
weight of their bottles by 24%.

Brands including Miller Genuine Draft, Strongbow and Black Sheep
have joined forces  to cut the weight of their bottles, in a move
designed to reduce energy use, waste, cost and supply-chain
related carbon emissions. They claim that the new bottles  would save
3,800 tonnes of glass and 2,515 tonnes of CO2 a year.
Feature News
Feature News  from
Beer Prices Go UP, UP, UP

February will see major price increases. Some brewers
are using the phrase "perfect storm" - a convergence
of factors such as bad harvests, reduced acreage,
burgeoning demand for beer in China.  All these are
driving the price of barley and hops skyward.
"Malt is up as much as 100 percent," reports Julia
Herz, marketing director for craft beer for the
Colorado-based Brewers Association, "and I've seen
increases as high as 300 to 400 percent on certain
hop varieties." How much more will craft beers cost?
Hugh Sisson, president of Clipper City Brewing Co. in
Baltimore, says he's targeting $8.99 for his Clipper City
brands and $9.99 for his heftier Heavy Seas line,
although he adds that the distributors and retailers will
also have a say in the pricing.

Very hoppy beers might increase even more - or just
disappear from the market - as the supply of prized
aroma hops dries up.  Mike McCarthy, head brewer for
the Washington area Capitol City brewpubs, says the
Amarillo hops he uses in his pale ale have soared from
$6 a pound to $15. Capitol City has already raised the
price of a glass by 50 cents, he says. "But you can't
charge $9 a pint, so at some point we've got to eat the
costs."  A word to the wise from BeerNexus- stock up
on cases of your favorite beer now!

Blokes Battle the Bulge

Beer-loving blokes in Australia who are keen to keep
up appearances are dropping the macho - and the
beer gut - by turning to low-carbohydrate brews.
Once sceptical about light beer and the image that
came with it, men are foregoing the traditional heavier
brands associated with rugged, knockabout
stereotypes.The thirst for the new booze has led to a
250 per cent rise in sales of low-carb brands such as
Pure Blonde and Hahn Super Dry.   Foster's Pure
Blonde, which has 70 per cent less carbohydrates than
regular beers, is the fastest growing beer by volume in
Australia - drunk by both women and men.

Joining the parade is anew low-carb sparking wine
Yellowglen Jewl, which is 30 per cent lower in calories
and 40 per cent lower in alcohol, has proved a boon
for Foster's this summer.