Rescued - 10 tons
of beer!

The Itar-Tass news agency
reported that a truck carrying
10 tons of beer sank  when
trying to cross the frozen
Irtysh River, a route regularly
used during the frigid Russian

When local salvage efforts
failed the government sent six
divers, twenty workers and
two modified T-72 tanks to
save the beer.

Happy 100th Birthday!!
Miller High Life -"The champagne of beers"- is
100 years old in 2004.  Miller promises to
increase advertising for the brand that at one
time was the #2 selling beer in the U.S.
Feature News  from Draught Board 15  &
Can BEER stop aging?
Maybe, but not in Germany

According to a BBC report, Bavarian entrepreneur
Helmut Fricher  introduced  an "anti-ageing beer" at a
beverage trade show in Berlin recently.  Fricher claims
the addition of spirulina algae along with flavonoid, a
protein, has produced a beer that "will bring body and
soul in to harmony and strengthen the immune
system."  According to the beer's marketing slogan,
" It makes you feel good in a way that other beers just
do not."

Great idea Helmut,  but wrong place to brew your beer.  
Bavarian brewers must strictly adhere to the
Reinheitsgebot, which states that beer can contain
only four ingredients: hops, barley, yeast and water.

A court hearing is expected shortly which will most
likely rule that Fricher has to rename his beverage.
Just don't call it beer.