How is Light Beer Brewed?

There is all the uncertainty you
could imagine in defining  the
designation of the  light beer, NA or
alcohol-free beer, or low-alcohol
beer; each major brewery often use
different definitions, usually to make
their brew seem better than
a competitors.

BeerNexus uses the following
defintions:   A light beer is typified by
lower calorific content (20% to
30%) due mainly to lower sugar
content and a somewhat lower
alcohol percentage than in normal
beer (5% by volume). Low-alcohol
beer has a maximum of 2.2% and
NA or alcohol-free beer has a
maximum of 0.5%.

The lower alcohol content is
achieved by two ways of brewing:
the fermentation process is halted
prematurely or else the alcohol is
removed after completion
of the process. It's a simple process
that in addition to removing alcohol
also takes away most flavors.


Larry The Cable Guy Beer

You might remember the famed (or was
it infamous?) Billy Beer brewed by the
brother of President Jimmy Carter.  It
flopped but now Schilling Bridge Winery,
located in  Pawnee City, Nebraska has
decided to brew a beer to honor thier
homegrown celebrity.  Pawnee City is
the birthplace of Larry the Cable Guy
(actor Daniel Whitney). The local winery
and microbrewery has introduced
"Git-R-Done" beer, named for the
comedian and Blue Collar Comedy star's
ubiquitous catch phrase.

Noting that "Rednecks love quality too,"
the Schilling family says the new brew
will appeal to Larry's core fan base. The
light beer is billed to have more "flavor
and body" than other high-profile
beverages. Sure, just like Billy Beer did.
          Things Your Bartender Doesn't Want You to Know

Top-shelf is where the profits are. High-end spirits are money in the bank for bars, which is probably
why there are now dozens of varieties of infused vodka. The Distilled Spirits Council reports that sales of
the most expensive brands of liquor rose 18% last year, while the cheapest ("well" brands) rose by just
.   Tabs can be tricky.  Running a tab tends to limit tipping - you tip at the end of the night based on
what you feel the service warrants - rather than a dollar per drink
Watch your tab carefully.  Some unscrupulous bartenders may tack on a drink for himself or one of her
Fast service could be bad.  While turnover is better for the bartender - serving more customers means
more revenue - a quickly mixed martini won't taste as good as one made carefully and allowed to chill over
ice for a longer period of time.  
Beware bars that are notoriously dimly lit. In addition to making people appear more attractive, this can
hide a multitude of hygienic sins, from dirty floors and moldy ice machines to sticky countertops.
Don't order a nice Malbec.  Some bars have two large bottles of generic wine - a white and a red - that sit
open for days if not weeks. Whenever anyone orders a glass, the bartenders just shrug and pour from
Drink prices are on a sliding scale. Depending on the customer, a bartender can choose to charge more
or less for a cocktail. To prevent this, you can ask for a receipt with every purchase and show the bar's
manager if there is a difference.
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             National Mead Day

Don't miss National Mead Day.  This year it's being
celebrated on August 11, 2007.   Mead is the world's
oldest fermented beverage and has been made  for
over 5,000 years. The American Homebrewers
Association (AHA) has been in the forefront to have
Mead Day recognized as a national "holiday" on the
first Saturday in August.

Mead Day celebrates not only the drink but the
international hobby of mead making. Mead often
referred to as honey wine. The AHA provides
homebrewers with the official mead day recipe and
then on Mead Day, homebrewers from across the
globe are asked to invite friends and family to make
mead, sample mead, and pair mead with food.

Mead continues to grow in popularity as more people
enjoy the wide variety of flavors that the beverage has
to offer. Mead can be blended with different herbs,
spices, and fruits and can be sweet or dry, still or
sparkling to make a truly unique and enjoyable taste.
Nationally renown mead maker Brian Lynch says,
"Mead is one of the least complicated fermented
beverages to make, and one of the most rewarding.
Beginning mead makers often produce a reasonably
good tasting mead on their first attempt. From there
the possibilities are endless with all of the different
fruits and spices that can be used."

                  Brooklyn in China

In July of 2007 the first ever container of US Craft Beer
was exported to China.  Early reports indicate that and
the Chinese have liked what they're  drinking.

This inaugural shipment had craft beers from Brooklyn
Brewery (New York), North Coast Brewing Company
(California), and Rogue Ales (Oregon). These beers
are now available in eight on-premise establishments
in Shanghai with further distribution anticipated.

Bob Pease, Brewers Association Vice President said
"this first sale marked the success of the Brewers
Association mixed container export concept and it
marked the opening of a vast new market for US craft
beers. The immediate reaction in-country surpassed