Milk and Fruit Beers

Milk beer, flower beer and fruit beer are
all growing in popularity as brewers look
to attract more female drinkers
to the market.

Among this year's new arrivals is Bilk,
from Abashiri Beer, a new type of beer
recently launched in Japan, which is said
to be made up of one-third milk.

Anheuser Busch, always keen to new
trends has targeted the female market
with a recently released
line of fruit beers.

Marketed in the US under the Michelob
Ultra Pilsner Beer brand are three new
fruit varieties - Lime Cactus, Tuscan
Orange Grapefruit, and Pomegranate

Even craft brewers have entered the
competition.  Dogfish Head's Chateau
Jiahu Beer is flavoured with a novel
concoction of ingredients, including
wildflower honey, Muscat grapes, barley
malt, hawthorn fruit, and
chrysanthemum flowers.

It is said to be a revival of a
9,000-year-old beer mixture, consisting
of rice, honey and fruit, that was found
preserved in Northern China in 2005.
Pizza Beer - no kidding

Tom Seefurth says his pizza-flavored concoctions will have him rolling in the dough
in no time. The real-estate agent turned brewmaster says the publicity that he received
after putting his Mamma Mia Pizza Beer on tap at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse in
Aurora (IL) has both beer drinkers and newsmakers nationwide looking for a swig .  
Even “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno made  reference to Seefurth's pizza beer
during a recent show.

All the publicity is no surprise since Seefurth is dealing with  one of the great love
affairs of the food world. Like peanut butter and jelly or coffee with cream, pizza and
beer have always gone together.  Now, if you don’t want to hold a slice of pizza in one
hand and a beer in your other, you can get both flavors at the same time.

Currently the beer is only available at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse.  Their  menu
quotes  states that “this beer will go great with pastas and all sorts of stuff.”
Well, if they say so it must be true, right?

The brew,  is a actually a combination of tomatoes, garlic, yeast and herbs, which,
when purified, strained and fermented, comes out a pale orange and
tastes, as advertised, like pizza.
Feature News  from
          Beer Nutrition 101

Beer actually is 92 percent water and has 0 grams of fat!
Even more, it is a good source of folate, niacin, magnesium,
potassium and niacin. There are also traces of calcium,
phosphorus, and many of the B-vitamins. These quantities
tend to improve commensurate to the quality of the beer.
Beer is only an agri-food.

In fact, Beer is better than Milk. A glass of beer contains
more protein than does the same quantity of milk. What's
more, beer has fewer calories than apple juice, milk or cola
and contains neither fat nor cholesterol. Beer gives four vital
minerals and five important constituents of vitamin B and

Almost all dietitians say there is a lot of evidence to disprove
the theory that beer makes you put on the pounds. "Beer has
only 153 calories and has 0 grams of fat for a 12-oz bottle,"
argues Diana Joyson of the Dietary Institute. "It is even
more impressive when you compare it red wine, which has
106 calories for a 5-oz serving. The bottom line is that beer
won't make you gain weight, provided it is part of a balanced
diet and healthy lifestyle."

Drinking one beer per day may additionally be factor in
bringing and keeping good health. That beer per day has
been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Most experts suggest that is because the 'folate' found in
beer helps to reduce homocysteine in the blood and lower
homocysteine levels has proven to be a lower risk of
cardiovascular disease.