Miller Beer Boycott

Last week the Illegal Immigration
Boycott Coalition passed the 100
supporting organizations mark and
achieved over 12,000 petition
signatures while the Dow Jones
Newswires announced a collapse in
SABMiller's stock value and beer
sales in America!

The boycott by immigration
enforcement groups was brought
on by September 1 reports in the
Chicago Tribune that Miller Brewing
Company gave $30,000 to pro
amnesty organizations that support
illegal immigration. Coalition
members also determined that Miller
gives large sums of money to race
based organizations like La Raza.

According to the Dow Jones News
Newswires (9/22/2006) SABMiller
(SAB.JO) stock had fallen to 999p.
This is a 6.02percent drop since the
launch of the Miller Boycott on
September 5 when the stock was
trading at 1063p. Dow Jones
reports that Miller Beer's sales are
down in America more than other
major companies.

Since the launch of the boycott,
coalition representatives have been
on over 25 talk radio programs and
covered in several major media
markets spreading word of the
boycott. Over 12,000 people have
signed the petition calling on the
Executive Branch to enforce
existing laws aimed at companies
that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens.
Almost 1 million hits have been
recorded on the boycott website at

A statement issued by Miller said it
has never supported illegal
immigration and has always
supported the full enforcement of
current U.S. laws.
Canadian Beer Ghost

The old brick headquarters of Moosehead Brewery in downtown Saint John is said to
be haunted by the restless spirit of a long-dead brewmaster. The apparition has been
spotted in the damp cellars of the Victorian-era building, hovering over the huge copper
vats where the Oland family has brewed its beer for generations.

But patriarch Derek Oland, 66, Moosehead's chairman, is haunted by ghosts of a
different sort these days. In his office, where his ancestors toiled to create what is
now the largest Canadian-owned brewery, Oland lives with the fading memory of a
once-great industry that was populated by some of the most colourful characters
from Canada's corporate past.  With the impending sale of yet another major brewery
to foreign interests - this time Ontario-based Sleeman Breweries (TSX:ALE) to
Sapporo of Japan - the Canadian brewing industry is all but dead.

If the Sapporo deal is completed, Canada's three biggest national brewers - Molson
Coors, Labatt and Sleeman - will be owned by foreign companies, although smaller
regional beer producers such as Big Rock (TSX:BR.UN) of Calgary are still in
Canadian hands. Moosehead, which accounts for about 5.5 per cent of national beer
sales, now moves to the top of the heap as the largest Canadian-owned brewery.
Feature News  from
                 Bud TV

When some 22 million people clicked on Anheuser -
Busch Cos.' commercials in the days after Super Bowl
XL last February, company executives took notice.

Video on the Web is for real, the beer executives
concluded. And the company needed to be there in a
big way.

On Wednesday, the nation's largest beer company,
which also is one of television's biggest advertisers, is
expected to announce the launch of its own
Internet-based programming network called Bud.TV to
launch Feb. 5, the day after the next Super Bowl.

Geared mainly to 21-to-27-year-olds, the online
venture will offer roughly seven 'channels' of original
and exclusive content, ranging from sports to comedy
to reality shows. The company even expects to
re-invent the 'Dating Game' on one of its channels.

Developed out of the company's marketing and media
divisions, the decision to start its own programming
arm is a result of research showing that
21-to-34-year-olds spend up to six hours a day on the

         007 Switches to Beer
            not shaken or stirred

Forget the martini - give that man a beer. That could
be the rallying cry in the upcoming James Bond movie
Casino Royale, in which the suave British super-spy is
set to drop his exclusive taste for martinis and instead
take up some plebeian beer-swilling, according to the
Hollywood Reporter Friday. Producers of the movie
have even signed a six-figure deal with beer giant
Heineken for a promotional partnership that will include
a television commercial shot on the Bond set featuring
Bond girl Eva Green and directed by Oscar-winner
Stephen Gaghan.

Bond purists will be grateful to know that the beer plot
is not just a money grab by the movie's makers.
Casino Royale was the first Bond book written by Ian
Fleming and the only one in which Bond drinks beer.