Miller rebranding
Genuine Draft

Milwaukee-based Miller Brewing Co.
has launched an extensive
marketing and promotional
campaign in an effort to revive its
slumping Genuine Draft brand
The brand's logo, bottles and
packaging all are being drastically
revamped.  Genuine Draft and
Genuine Draft Light are being
marketed as having "mainstream
sophistication," said Terry Haley,
Genuine Draft brand manager. The
campaign will feature the tag line:
"Beer. Grown Up."

The campaign will target consumers
who have "come of age" through
various milestones in their lives. The
group is somewhat older than the
usual target market and largely has
been ignored by major brewers,
Haley said.
Dry capital of the world is
dry no more!

The central Ohio city of Westerville,
once known as the "dry capital of
the world," began serving this week
for the first time since 1875.

Westerville's temperance history
dates back 131 years, when the
town's saloon was blown up during
what's known as the "Whiskey
Wars."  Soon after, the Anti-Saloon
League moved its headquarters to
Westerville in 1909 and the town
has been dry ever since.
Smoke Free Bars in NJ

After debating on and off for 10 years, the Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly approved
legislation to ban smoking in indoor public places such as restaurants, bars, bowling alleys,
private clubs, bingo halls and enclosed shopping malls.  Gov. Richard Codey plans to sign
the bill before he leaves the office next Tuesday, and it would take effect in 90 days.
"This is a great day for public health in New Jersey," Codey said following the vote.

New Jersey will become the 11th state to ban smoking in indoor public places, joining,
among others, New York and Delaware.  

BeerNexus polled patrons at several Morristown, NJ area bars recently for their opinion and
most were not overly concerned about the smoking ban.  Several said they are already used
to a smokeless atmosphere since New York City adopted its ban in 2003.

All casinos and cigar bars are exempt from the law.  In order for a bar to qualify for an
exemption it must have generated 15 percent or more of its total annual gross income from
the on-site sale of tobacco products.
Feature News  from
 Taxes and More Taxes

Standard & Poor’s has just released a study which
contents that 44 percent of the cost of beer today
comes from taxes alone.  On a single $1 bottle of
beer, 4% is levied on supplies, 16% on brewing, 8%
on shipping and wholesaling, and 16% on retailing.
The cost of production itself is 10% for supplies, 15%
for brewing, 9% for shipping/wholesaling, and 22%
for retailing, for a grand total of 56 % of the final cost.

Craft Beer Sales Soar in '05

While total domestic brewer shipments were down
1.5% in 05,  craft brewers grew at a double-digit rate  
The entire segment was up 7%  and approached a
3.5 % share of the beer market according to Brewers
Assn .

Boston Beer continued to lead the pack with volume
up just under 10% for the past year. New Belgium
was the fastest growing with sales increasing  21%.

Perhaps most remarkable about recent surge is the
number of different brands and styles (wheat, bock,
ale, porter etc) that continued to prosper. Seven out
of the top ten craft brands were up double-digits in
the past year.

" Kidsbeer" proves hit in Japan

Kidsbeer, a nonalcoholic brew aimed at children, is
catching on with young drinkers in Japan and is
posting monthly shipments of 75,000 bottles,
according to maker Tomomasu Co.

The beverage's "active" ingredients is the Latin
American plant Guarana which is high in caffeine.  
The bottles themselves are colored brown to make
the drink look even more like its more potent