Coors Fuel

One answer to lessening our
dependence on foreign fuel imports
might be hiding in a Coors six-pack.

The Coors brewery in Golden, Colo.,
is using beer waste to process
nealry 2 million gallons a year of the
gas substitute, ethanol.  According
to a Coors spokesperson, "we have
taken a waste stream and turned it
into a revenue stream."

The program has been so
successful that Coors is now
building a second plant just to
expand the process.  This plant will
gather millions of gallons of spilled
beer and put it directly into the
ethanol making process via an
underground pipeline.

The ethanol is made in a maze of
stainless steel pipes in much the
same way as whisky is distilled.   

Bitter Over Guinness

The makers of Guinness stout are
about to alter their famous drink and
put out a collection of new tastes in a
collection of "limited-edition" stouts.  
The first drink, Guiness Brew 39, is
now being poured in Ireland where
most pub partons have
refused to even try it.

Traditional Guinness is currently
brewed in 51 countries and sold in
159 different nations.
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Bud Boycott in St. Louis

Many beer drinkers in St. Louis, the famed home of
Budweiser, are boycotting the brew in the name of
union solidarity.  Teamsters, on strike against an
Anheuser-Busch distributor, are ugring all people in
St. Louis to stay away from the home town beer and
some are doing just that.

A-B management has tried to stay above the fray
saying that the distributor in question is actually an
independent contractor.  However, to counter the
union bringing them into the picture, A-B attorneys
filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations
Board charging that the Teamsters boycott is illegal.

The boycott organizers are urging Bud drinkers to
switch to Miller.  Miller spokesman Peter Marino said
"If people in St. Louis have the opportunity to try our
productions they will realize that our beer does
indeed taste better."


Follow Beer Mat Directions or Else!

The British government has decided to use beer
mats as part of a multi-media campaign to get
millions of dollars of unpaid fines collected.

The campaign will place over 750,000 beer mats in
750 pubs across five major metropoiltan
areas that carry the slogan
"Think You'll Get Away With It?  Think Again."

According to government officials, "those who seek
to drown their sorrows in the pub will now face an
instant reminder of their transgressions."

In the second phase of the campaign offenders will
receive letters warning that unpaid findes can be
deducted from wages and that their car
can be impounded.