Have a quick one

A new device can serve pints in just
five seconds by turning the
dispensing tap into a torrent of beer.  

Previous attempts to speed up beer
dispensing failed because the beer
would froth, putting a massive head
on it. The new system, invented by
IMI Cornelis and being tried by Coors
in selected pubs claims to have
solved the problem.

What did you say?
Have you tried one of the new
lagers now on the market,

Be aware however that you
order one at your own risk.

Check out their commercial at

to find out why.
Feature News  from Draught Board 15  & beernexus.com
American Brews Score at  
Great British Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival judged a specially
invited selection of American beers this year and the
raves were heard across the pond.  

A blue ribbon panel of tasting judges selected
Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale from Portsmount Brewing
in New Hampshire as Best Guest Beer.  Rogue
Shakespeare Stout was awarded second place, and
Victory HopDevil was third.

The professional tasters were not alone in recognizing
the excellence of the USA products as lines at the
American pouring tables were some of the longest at
the Festival.


Wynkoop Suspends
Beer Drinker Competition

The annual Beer Drinker of the Year competition sponsored by
Wynkoop Brewing has been suspended because company
founder John Hickenlooper was recently elected mayor of
Denver.  The new mayor explained he does not have the time  to
personally supervise the contest this year
as he settles into office.  

The competition was held for seven years with beer drinkers
from across the country submitting their resumes.  Three
finalists were selected and flown to Denver for final judging.