Best Beer Tours in the World

Prague, Sydney and Minneapolis may not be the first cities that jump to mind when thinking
about booking a beercation (beer vacation) but they do host three of the five most popular
beer experiences in the world, according to TripAdvisor.

The Czech Republic, though home to the original pilsner-style lager, doesn’t rank high on
most beer lovers’ travel wish lists. However, the Prague Beer and Czech Tapas Evening
Walking Tour produced by Urban Adventures comes in at #1.

The four-hour tour of “Prague’s liveliest bar districts” costs approximately $87 and includes
five small beers, four typical Czech snacks, metro and tram fare and a night of stories about
Czech history, politics, culture and beer production from a “local English-speaking guide.”

Top 10 Global Beer & Brewery Tour Experiences:
1.  Prague Beer and Czech Tapas Evening Walking Tour–
Prague, Czech Republic
2. Sydney Beer and Brewery Tour–
Sydney, Australia
3.Belgian Beer Tasting in Brussels–
Brussels, Belgium
4.Three hour Minneapolis Craft Brewery Tour–
Minneapolis, Minnesota
5.  BREW-ed Downtown Asheville Brewery Walking Tour–
Asheville, North Carolin    
6. Three-Hour Berlin Beer Tour–
Berlin, Germany  
7. Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour –
Munich, Germany
8. Twilight Wine and Craft Beer Tour–
Queenstown, New Zealand
9.  Yarra Valley Cider and Beer Tour –
Melbourne, Australia
10.  Vancouver Brewery Tour–
Vancouver, Canada

TripAdvisor selected winners using an algorithm that factors in millions of reviews, opinions and
booking volume from travelers on TripAdvisor and Viator over a 12-month period.
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Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee

Pabst, theMilwaukee-based brewer has been
rolling out coffee-flavored beer in a number of
markets this month. The brewery,  founded in
1844, and known by PBR, is calling the new quaff
hard coffee. It is a caffeinated, malt beverage
with five percent  alcohol by volume that contains
real Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, milk
and vanilla flavoring.

The drink does not actually contain beer, but is
rather a malted beverage mixed with real java.
Hard Coffee will be tested in five states to start.
Those include Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey,
Florida, and Georgia.

The company said, in a press release, that the
beer is “designed to meet the needs of the next
generation of American consumers. Sweet,
caffeinated alcoholic beverages have had some
real challenges in the past. Four Loko [a malt
beverage] ultimately had to remove the caffeine
from their product [as] young drinkers in
particular were over-indulging, and ending up in
the ER. Part of that was because the alcohol
level of Four Loko Is twice as high as what is in
this beverage. Several BeenNexus staffers
tasted it and said it was exactly like Yoo-Hoo.

Beer Can Art

When it comes to the art of beer, there are few
on the same playing field as The Alchemist's
Heady Topper. In a recent USA Today poll,
readers named Heady Topper the winner for
Best Beer Label.

For years, the Heady can has been one of the
most sought after in the world. The double IPA
inside is among the highest rated, and its cover
art, for craft beer fans, is among the most

The can's signature image was the result of a
collaboration with artist and musician Dan
Blakeslee.  The partnership began after
Blakeslee's concert posters captured the
attention of John Kimmich, the other co-founder
of The Alchemist, at a coffee shop in Vermont.

Megan Penmann,is one of the few people  that
design beer cans as their full time job. Penmann
has created more than 300 labels for Other Half
Brewing Company in Brooklyn, New York, which
releases upwards of four new cans every week.  
Can art has become a collectible and fetch big
prices on the secondary market. There are even
entire social media accounts dedicated to it.