Beer Hacks

Warm beer. If it’s not your thing, it’s your nightmare. When you’re really, really thirsty
and you come home to a beerless fridge, Try these ways to bring th.e cold fast
1. Wet a rag, paper towels or a dish towel, ring out the excess and wrap up your brew for a
trip into the freezer. On top of an ice tray or in actual ice is even better. A standard 12-ounce
can or bottle should take 10 minutes or less to get to an enjoyable temperature.
2. You can grab a receptacle, ice and cups and cups of salt for a cold spin. The ETA
is about three minutes of spinning.
3. If you’re in a really, really big hurry, like 20 to 30 seconds worth, always have a carbon
dioxide fire extinguisher handy. Just put the warm beer in a bucket and fire away in quick blasts
of one to two seconds. Quickly rinse. But remember these words: carbon dioxide fire
extinguisher. NOT a monoammonium phosphate version.

1. Find a sturdy disposable lighter and use the end that doesn’t make fire as a lever.
2. Do somemagic by folding a standard piece of computer paper in half, then again and
again until it’s thick. Six or seven folds should make it stiff enough to do what you did
with the lighter.

1. Beer isn’t just for getting things dirty. For gold and gold-plated jewelry, drop some into a
glass of beer and soak for a bit before polishing. Good beer actually cleans jewelry worse
than the very cheap brew so go with the lowest price possible.The slight acidity,in beer
also works on greasy, grimy pots. Copper pots especially.
2. In the garden, know that slugs love beer. Bury a plastic cup or a few around plants that slugs
have taken to, with the lips of the cups slightly above ground. Fill three-quarters of the way up
with light beer. No, you won’t get every single slug to slime on over, drink and fall in, plus it’s
ethically your choice to decide on their beer demise.
3.  Get a better night's sleep. Pick up a bag of hops at a local brewing supply shop or order online.
You’ll need “leaf” hops, not pellets. Rub liberally on your pillowcases for some help falling asleep.
You can also buy a completely filled "hop pillow" to make things really easy.

From the book Beer Hacks: 100 Tips, Tricks, and Projects by Ben Robinson
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Edited by Jim Attacap
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Founders Sued

Founders Brewing is being sued by a former
employee for racial discrimination and retaliation,
a Michigan readio station reports. The lawsuit
was filed in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern
District of Michigan on behalf of Tracy Evans who
was an events and promotions manager at
Founders in both Grand Rapids and Detroit.

Evans was the only minority manager at
Founders, the lawsuit says. "To Plaintiff’s dismay,
his coworkers used racial slurs around him and
with other employees. In fact, the company itself
named its printers in a blatantly racist fashion."
Evans said that he was let go from the brewery
after he tried to take a personal day to speak to
Human Resources in Grand Rapids.

Founders denied the claims made in the lawsuit.
"The allegations of unlawful conduct in Mr.
Evans’ lawsuit are baseless. Founders i! s a
company that is built on diversity and its culture
is the result of a great mixture of people who
treat each other with respect. Founders will
vigorously defend itself against these claims and
is confident that it will prevail," said Patrick
Edsenga in a statement made for Founders.

Bad or Good President?

A college president has apologized for drinking
from a beer bong while tailgating before his
team's last football game, promising that it “will
not happen again.” Dr. Carlos Vargas, Southeast
Missouri State University President, said in a
statement that his actions projected an image “I
am not proud of, is not flattering, and certainly
not expected from the president of Southeast
Missouri State University.”  He went on to say
"during my attendance at a tailgate party prior to
a Southeast football, I was observed accepting to
drink beer from a beer bong, a device normally
associated with excessive or binge drinking,
which is conduct I do not condone,”

The Board of Regents wrote that while Vargas’
actions represent a “lapse in judgement,” Vargas
has their full support and backing

“I think some of us take Vargas for granted,
because I can’t name a single President out of
any big organization that tries to go out and meet
people like that,” a student wrote on Facebook.  
A poll of students showed most strongly
supported Vargas and hoped he do it again.