Rogue Ales Make History

Rogue Ales won a history making four
out of eleven gold medals at the 2005
International Beer Competition in
London, England.  Rogue also won the
title of Supreme Champion
for its Mocha Porter.

The International Beer Competition is
an important contest in the world for
packaged beers and ciders.  The
competition is unique in its approach to
judging since it recognizes the
packaging design as well as the taste.

9,000 Year Old Beer

Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware
has brewed another ancient beer, this
time replicating one made in China
about 9,000 years ago.  

The recipe for the beer, Chateau Jiahu,
includes rice, honey, grapes and
hawthorn fruits. Dogfish Head founder
Sam Calagione started with a formula
from archaeologists who derived it
from the residues of pottery jars found
in the late Stone Age village of
Jiahu in northern China.  

To comply with U.S. federal brewing
regulations, Dogfish Head brewers had
to add barley malt, though they said
they mashed and fermented out most
of the barley flavor.
Feature News  from
Beer from China May
   Cause Cancer  

China's beer industry, one of the largest in the world, has
defended itself against reports that 95% of its bottled beer
contains formaldehyde, a cancer causing agent.

Industry officials said that the chemical - commonly used to
preserve dead bodies or as a disinfectant - plays a part in the
brewing process but the levels were within their industry
standard.  Most major US breweries, including Anheuser
-Busch, say they have never used the chemical in their

Formaldehyde is a cheap way of improving color and
preventing sediment from forming during storage fo beer.  
Most brewers use silica gel which is not hazardous for this
purpose.  Brewers in China however compete fiercely on
price with a can of beer selling for as litte as 25 cents.  In that
type of market the use of formaldehyde can help maintain
acceptable profit levels.

Tsingtao Brewery is China's biggest exporter, sending more
than 800,000 cases to the US alone.  In response to the
scare both the Japanese and Korean Food and Drug
Administrations are now testing all Chinese beer imports for
formaldehyde before allowing them to clear customs.  
(research by Jeff Levine)

 Milwaukee #1 in USA

A Scarborough Research study has just reported that more
people drink beer in Milwaukee than in any other city in the

Nearly 55% of Milwaukeeans said they have had a beer in the
past month, beating out the 53% in the Twin Cities, Denver
with 51%, and Buffalo, Albany, Boston, and St. Louis all tied at

Chicago came in at a relatively low 46% while the tea-totalers
in Salt Lake City were at the bottom or the chart with 23%.