Lifestyle Beers

The beer industry has a phrase for beers that have
become inextricably tied to images of sun, blue
ocean and relaxation: lifestyle beers.  The most
famous and biggest selling of these is Corona.
On its own, Coronais a yellow lager produced in
Mexico and packaged in a clear flint bottle.

However, for about three decades, its handlers in
the United States have done everything in their
power to connect drinkers’ perceptions of that
beer to rolling waves, white sand and a wedge of
lime in the bottle.  The plan worked.  Today
Corona is the top-selling import brand in the U.S.
and has been for the past 20 years.

Now however it is bigger than ever.  Ever since
Corona's U.S. rights were sold to Constellation
Brands, sales have increased by more than one
million barrels. The nearly 8.5 million barrels sold
last year not only makes Corona the fifth-largest
brand in the U.S., but would also make it the third-
largest brewery in the U.S. if the brand split from
Constellation Brands entirely

Beer Swimming Pools

The Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, Austria, is home to the world’s first beer
swimming pools. There are seven 13ft pools, full of beer, which can be visited for £200 per
two-hour session.  Despite there being a potential 42,000 pints to consume in total, the pools
are known for their health benefits. The beer’s calcium and vitamins are said to soften the
skin and remedy skin conditions.  Additionally, the baths increase blood circulation and the
hops are said to have a calming impact on body and soul.

Visitors can sip fresh glasses of beer - there are 13 varieties available form the castle's
brewery-while bathing, but are cautioned against drinking the pool beer, because of the heat
and the fact the pools are NOT cleaned after each dip.

The pools sit in the cellar of the 700-year-old Starkenberger Castle, where the
brewery operates in the old fermentation rooms  .In 2005, the vats became obsolete and
the owners decided to put them to good use. The pools have proven popular and are sold
out most days of the year.  The travel website
Trip Advisor gives it 5 stars
Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
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Beer Bible School

"First, and most importantly to some, nobody got
hammered" said Rev. Christopher Rodkey
concerning the St. Paul's UCC Beer and Bible
School event he ran in Dallastown PA for the first
time recently.  And, for those who wondered, the
Reverend served, Sweet Baby Jesus among
other beers including Yuengling, (because tthe
church is in south central Pennsylvania) along
with Dogfish Head, Fat Tire and Einstok porter.  
Some there did opt for. coffee or tea to the
applause of some protesting church members.

New York Hop Powerhouse
In the late 1800s, New York produced 90 % of
the hops used to make beer around the country.
That production was all but eliminated by
Prohibition in the 1920s, but now has made a
comeback.. Spurred by new laws, New York
leaped the overall number of breweries in the
state more than doubled to 350 since 2014.The
number of malting barley acres in NY nearly
tripled from 2013 and 2015 to almost 900 acres,
while the acres of hops soared from 175 to 325,