Binge Drinking Warning
about Bud's B to E

The British Institute of Alcohol Studies
warns consumers that a new beer
made with caffeine, guarana, ginseng,
and flavouring that gives it a sweet,
fruity taste along with its 5 % alcohol
and over 60 mg of caffeine, might fuel
binge drinking.

The beer,Budweiser B to E, will be
marketed to people aged 18 to 34 in
the UK.  "Its flavour, reminiscent of
beer with raspberry, blackberry, and
cherry, along with a high caffeine
content is aimed at encouraging young
people to drink more for longer
periods" stated Andrew McNeill,
Institute Director.

Victoria Manning of Action on Addiction
also warned that "the combination of
caffeine and beer is dangerous because
it will enable people to say awake and
drink more."

Bud representatives said the drink has
the same alcohol strength as most
beers and the outcry against B to E is
unwarranted and misguided.

Beer Cruise

UK drinkers who go to the continent
on so called "beer cruises" to beat the
high taxes and prices of beer at home
now will find it easier to return with
large amounts thanks to a decision by
the European Parliament. Under the
new guide individuals can now bring
back 90 gallons.
Feature News  from
Beer Prices Cut  

Good news for drinkers of Anheuser-Busch and
SABMiller products - both have cut prices for the
summer in hopes of boosting a struggling US beer

Both companies sold less beer in June '05 than in
any previous June for the past 5 years, with Miller
losing the most at a 2 % decline.  

A-B, based in St. Louis, was the first to cut prices in
May in an effort to narrow the gap with the price of
Miller.  A case of Bud LIght that once sold for 45
cents more than Miller Lite now costs just 15 cents

The price cut comes at a key time of year as summer
sales of beer generated 61% of A-B's net income
last year

Beer - $100 per bottle

Sam Adams is introducing Utopias, a limited edition bottle
of beer that pushes both the alcoholic volume (25%) and
the price ($100 retail) to new heights.

The beer itself is an un-carbonated brew with distinct
notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and maple.  Jim Koch, founder
of Samuel Adams, claims it has the qualities of a fine after
dinner drink, similar to a vintage port, fine cognac, or old

The Utopias bottle is also special - it's a numbered,
collectible brew-kettle reminiscent of the copper brewing
kettles used by brewers for hundreds of years.  Only
8,000 of the decanter like bottles have been produced.  
Utopias will be released in early July.