Nice New Package - Same Bad Beer

Beginning early August 11 states will see their
namesake on Budweiser bottles and cans as part of
the brand’s latest evolution of its iconic summer
packaging.  Budweiser’s newest look celebrates the
local states that they "call home".

Since 1876, Budweiser has been brewed across
America and its new state packaging pays tribute to
the 12 breweries that produce America’s No. 1
selling classic lager. The packaging will be specific
to California (featuring two Budweiser breweries),
Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, New
Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas
and Virginia.“Our new state bottles and cans
celebrate the homes of our breweries and the
communities that support them,” said Ricardo
Marques, vice president, Budweiser.

The cans will feature their own custom packaging
by state with individual copy changes as inspired by
each local backdrop, including:· “Budweiser” on
cans and bottles being replaced with each state
name The center medallion “AB” monogram
updated with state initials · “King of Beers” swapped
to include each individual state motto“Anheuser    -
Busch Inc.” replaced with each state 's   nickname.

The Most Overrated Beer

Which is the most overrated beer?  Some of the nation's top brewer's recently  answered that
question in an e-mail poll.  Here are some of the responses:

“Any beer that requires a consumer to stand in line for hours to be able to enjoy. There are so
many wonderfully made, underrated beers out there. Maybe they aren’t as well marketed, but they
often taste as good as some of the beers requiring hours of wait time!” —
Nicole Carrier, co-founder and president of Throwback Brewery.

“I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but I think wild ales are the most overrated. Sure it’s
fun to let wild yeast go to town on your wort, but as far as pure drinking enjoyment, I’ve tasted more
unpleasant wilds than good ones. Blending with other brews seems to be the best way to make the
wilds palatable. Just because that’s how it was done back in the day doesn’t mean it was a good
beer back then!” — Pete Anderson, co-owner of Pareidolia Brewing Company.

“The limited release you are standing in line for.” —
Kevin Blodger, co-founder and director of brewing operations at Union Craft Brewing.

“The list is long on this one so I’ll refrain from picking out any one beer.  But in my experience,
every time I’ve had a very highly rated or over-hyped beer I will eventually come across a beer that
is better (sometimes it takes a while though).  — Davin Helden, CEO of Liquid Mechanics Brewing.

“We’re not going to name names, but there’s clearly a short list of beers that are more about the
idea than the liquid.” — Damian Brown, brewmaster at Bronx Brewery.

“Heineken. Hear me out. There is still a segment of the drinking population who view it as the
ultimate in premium beer. By the time many people drink it, it’s old, it’s been out in the light too
long, whatever, but it has some gnarly off-flavors. So when non-craft drinkers come into our
brewery that is their comparison for ‘fancy beer.’ So they immediately think that all non BMC beer
(not Bud, Miller, or Coors) is off, or what we are making is off because it has real flavor. Having said
that, once people are in the door, it is fun to open their eyes to what beer can be. It’s like giving
people your copy of in utero and watching their brains blow up.” —
Jon Mansfield, brewery operations manager at Warhorse Brewing Company.

“Anything using ‘peanut butter.'” — Chris Davison, head brewer at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.
Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
the crossroads of the beer world
Brooklyn, Lithuania

Brooklyn Brewery and Danish brewer Carlsberg
have announced yet another international craft
brewing partnership — this time in Eastern
Europe.The two companies have formed a joint
venture with Švyturys Brewery, based in the port
city of Klaipėda, Lithuania.The deal with Švyturys
marks Brooklyn’s sixth international craft brewing
venture, and its fifth with Carlsberg. Brooklyn and
Carlsberg are also partnering on the formation of
HK Yau Brewing Company in Hong Kong.

Previously, the two companies teamed up on the
2015 rebuild of the E.C. Dahls Brewery in
Trondheim, Norway, and the  opening of The
New Carnegie Brewery in Stockholm, Sweden.  
Brooklyn, which sold a 24.5 percent minority
stake to Japan’s Kirin Brewery last October, also
operates South Korea’s Jeju Brewing Company,

Bud Light's Fitting End

42,100 pounds of beer spilled out the back of a
semi-truck did tast week in Colorado after his
brakes went out on a mountain road. No one was
injured, but the world was down a whole lot of
bad beer proving that unlike milk,some spilt
things are not worth crying over.