Say It Ain't So

Men who drink more than a pint of beer a day
over several years may increase their risk of heart
disease by prematurely ageing their arteries, new
research suggests. The study shows that drinking
too much alcohol can affect the elasticity of the
arterial walls and prematurely age the arteries,
interfering with blood flow. But booze didn't have
the same effect on women,  Participants ranged in
age from their 30s to their 50s, with adjustments
made for age, and anyone with a history of heart
disease were excluded from the study.Few of the
participants were current smokers, however 68 %
of the men and 74 % of women failed to meet
weekly exercise guidelines.

Consistent long-term, heavy drinking was defined
as seven pints of beer or cider or seven double
whiskeys, vodkas or gins. The findings were
published in Journal of th American Heart Assoc.
which defines moderate alcohol consumption as an
average of one to two drinks per day for men, and
one drink per day for women.One drink is
considered as 12 ounces of beer, four ounces of
wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits."

Baltimore Battles Guinness

A contentious battle between is brewing between beermakers big and small in Baltimore.
Recently international liquor conglomerate Diageo announced plans to open a new Guinness
brewery and taproom in Relay, Md. The $50 million brewery-taproom facility would be the first
Guinness-making operation on U.S. soil in over 60 years and bring in an estimated 70 jobs ,
according to Diageo. But in order to get the project off the ground, state laws that govern how
breweries operate will have to be modified.

While Diageo needs the state to enact a special liquor license for its planned operation, there has
been mounting backlash from the Brewers Association of Maryland, arguing that lawmakers should
avoid allowing exceptions for larger beer corporations if it’s going to hurt local brands

The Maryland State Licensed Beverage Association, which represents bar, restaurant and liquor
store owners is throwing its support behind a new bill that would extend the legislation changes
Diageo wants to every brewery, while the Brewers Association wants to limit the ability of
breweries to sell their product directly to customers. Both sides are fighting to push their bills
through in the General Assembly.

The Association has said it will support Diageo’s potential brewing operation but is against
the taproom because of its potential to compete with retailers in an increasingly crowded local
craft beer market. And the competition could be heavy. Diageo said that they will brew and sell
test beers at their new Guinness plant. It will also be the home of Diageo’s Guinness Blonde
American Lager-- a brew the brand says is going in popularity around the world. The company
is hoping to open in October as part of a 200th anniversary celebrating the first import of
Guinness Draught to the U.S

Currently, the law in Maryland does not allow breweries to sell more than 500 barrels
of a bear a year to customers who visit on-site taprooms.
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Table Beer Is Back

Table Beer is a light-bodied, low-alcohol ale that
arose in 19th-century Belgium. Its brilliance is its
simplicity. There's no abrasive hop flavor or fruity
kick. It's just there, going down easy. It doesn't
have to be commented upon for you to enjoy it

Table beer was once so popular and widely
accepted that Belgian school kids drank a 2- to
3% ABV version of it well into the 20th century. It
fell out of favor after hop aficionados began to
dominate the beer world. Today, it's a hot
commodity as domestic producers have
embraced it,  Still, the beer is hard to define. “It's
more of a concept than a style," says Jason
Perkins, brewmaster of Allagash Brewing, noting
that table beer can be light or dark, malty or dry.  
And it has a lower ABV than a typical session ale.

For brewers, table beer has become a low-ABV
way to create an eminently refreshing beer. For
example, Threes' wheat-laced table beer has a
light lemony kick, leaving you thirsty for more.  
BottoM line - think of it as a beer people can
drink a pitcher of. all by themselves over a night.