Paid To Drink Beer

Carlsberg is looking for a lucky Singaporean to
drink lots of beer in four hours AND get paid
20,000 Singapore dollars ($14,000) for the
privilege.  This is a big increase over last year's
promotion when
 a social media manager won the
coveted job, taking home $10,000.  He and the other
four finalists had to perform tasks such as picking out
a Carlsberg beer in a blind taste test and role-play as
salesmen trying to sell the brand.

Bringing back its "Probably The Best Job In The
World" campaign for the second year running, the
Danish brewer carefully explained the main job
responsibilities which include enjoying ice-cold
Carlsberg "during work" and entertaining friends
with the beverage".. "Zero experience" is required,
said the beer maker but you must have 100%
passion for Carlsberg. You also cannot drive to and
from work: Carlsberg will provide you with a driver.

Applications for the campaign have closed and the
winner will be announced early in 2017!

Italian Monks Brew to Save Monastery

Basilica of St. Benedict,in was built centuries ago in Norcia in the central Italian mountains to mark
its namesake’s birthplace, was left in ruins from last year's earthquake. One of the few things left
standing at the monastery was a small brewery, where for the past four years the monks have
been making Nursia, a beer named for Norcia’s ancient Latin appellation.

Their brew may now be the salvation — symbolically, at least — not only of the monks’ sanctuary,
but also of Norcia itself. This ancient walled city is a ghost town of ravaged churches and cracked
palazzi, and is still struggling to recover from the strongest earthquake to strike Italy in 36 years.

The monks set up a website for their fund-raising efforts to rebuild the basilica and monastery while
focusing on beer production for the majority of their reconstruction needs. The monks now number
15. They learned beer-making from experienced Trappist brewmasters in Belgium, and began to
make Nursia in 2012. The beer’s name was chosen “specifically to help the townspeople, rather
than naming it after St. Benedict,” according to thier leader Father Nivakoff.  “We wanted people to
identify the beer with the town,” and to help support it" he added.

Brother Augustine Wilmeth, who was born in South Carolina and serves as the brewmaster, said
Nursia was “the only monastic beer in the world that is made exclusively by the monks.”  Other
monastic brewing operations, he explained, have grown into million-dollar enterprises with many
workers. In Norcia, the monks do everything themselves, producing around 10,000 bottles a month.

The monks,follow the tradition of St. Benedict, who believed they should live and support
themselves by the work of their hands. Because of that  they intend to keep the brewery small.
That way, Brother Wilmeth said, “it will stay in our control and really serve monastic life, not
overwhelm and consume us.”

The monastery’s beer varieties quickly gained an enthusiastic following in local shops and
restaurants.,  The friars even began exporting to the United States near the  end of 2016. I

The monks’ message also achieved global recognition in 2015 when “Benedicta,” an album of
traditional Latin Marian chants, spent 19 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s classical chart
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the crossroads of the beer world
Beer & Booze At Disney

It was a long road for alcoholic beverages to be
offered in Magic Kingdom. Founder Walt Disney
had a strict edict against alcoholic beverages in
the park.  There was always a fear that people
would drink to excess and become unruly,” he
said.  Hower as alcoholic beverages were added
to other Disney World parks, including Animal
Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot, that fear
slowly diminished.  It didn't hurt that serving
alcohol proved to be a big moneymaker as they
are more profitable than food, easier to store
and not as perishable.  Even better for Disney,  
guests who want a drink usually opted to go to
the higher price-point restaurants.

The new beverages now offered were picked to
fit with each restaurant’s theme and cuisine.
Tony’s Town Square Restaurant,will offer wines
and beers.  Liberty Tree Tavern will serve beer,
cider and domestic wines to go with its American
cuisine. Jungle Navigation in Adventureland will
have a global beverage menu. .  Cinderella’s
Royal Table,in the center of the park, will serve
champagne and wine.