Anheuser-Bush looks to
JibJab to boost beer sales

Two brothers who created a wildly
popular Internet video poking fun at
Sen. John Kerry and President Bush
during the 2004 election have agreed
to produce online entertainment for
Budweiser beerand other
Anheuser-Busch productsy.

The move comes as the No. 1 US
brewer battles to protect its US market
share from rival Miller Brewing. The
companies have used advertising as a
key weapon in the often-contentious
fight, marked by ads where the two
target each other by name.

Anheuser-Busch said JibJab, which
produced the cartoon parody of the
presidential candidates campaigning to
the tune of Woody Guthrie's classic
song This Land is Your Land, created a
30-second video featuring the popular
Budweiser lizards to kick off the

The video at features
the two lizards resplendent in top hats
and vests as they twirl a cane and
dance to the polka classic Roll Out The
Barrel while inviting customers to drop
their martinis for beer.

Wine Beats Beer in Germany

Beer sales in Germany dropped by
3.5 % in the first quarter of 2005.  
Beer consumption in Germany
declined 11% in the last decade while
wine consumption has risen by 17%
over the same period.
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Women Boost Beer Sales

Women are credited with slowing the decline of
sales  in the US beer market thanks to their interest
in low-carb and light beer products, according to new
research by market analyst Data Monitor in London.  
The report estimates that nearly thirty percent of the
$58 billion US beer and cider market is due to

Data Monitor's chief beverage analysist ,Nicci Pughi,
stated that the trend towards more women drinking
beer is not solely representative of consumer tastes
but also of a change in lifestyles, with the number of
affluent single women increasing.
Beer Still Leads
In the past five years, beer sales fell from 56 percent to
53 percent of the U.S. alcohol beverage market, while
spirits sales rose from 28 percent to 31 percent
according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United

Since bee's 3 percent loss comes from a $48 billion
market, it may be substantial, but it's hardly fatal. Beer
still claims over half the dollars Americans spend on
alcohol. And, considering that it is less expensive per
drink than spirits or wine, beer is clearly the leading
adult beverage choice by a good margin.

 Stock Tip

Shares of SABMiller have risen 39% in the past year,
making it the second best performer in the Bloomberg
Beverage Index.  Shares of Anheuser-Busch however have
dropped 10% in the past year.  Some analysist say A-B
may now be a good buy as it's price is only 17 times
expected forward earnings.