Medicinal Beer

Some researchers just can’t get enough
of hoppy beers. Their keen interest stems
from the potentially untapped medicinal
properties of the flowers. Traditional medicine
has long used hops for everything from
sedation to combatting infections. And
researchers have noted that the plant’s
chemical constituents appear to have anti-
inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-cancer
activities. Now, with two new studies,
researchers report that they’re getting closer
to pinning down and optimizing hop-based
medicines. In one study, appearing in the
Journal of Natural Products, a team of Italian
researchers identified three previously
unknown chemicals from Cascade hops—
which are used in many American brews,
but perhaps notably as a finishing hop in
Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.

One of the chemicals has clear anti-
inflammatory properties which they hope to
eventually use in an array of new medicines.

Beer Buzz

The beer brand that Americans say they hear most about is Samuel Adams, which earned the
highest "buzz score" of 13.4 from YouGov BrandIndex, which tracks brand perception for
consumer products like beer and cars. The score is based on the number of people over the
age of 21 saying they've heard something about the beer, whether that's positive or negative.
in recent months. That doesn't mean that Sam Adams is America's best loved beer, but it does
signify that American drinkers are aware of the brand and might just reach for one in the cooler.

Large beer companies like Samuel Adams' Boston Beer Company and Anheuser Busch InBev have
the advantage of large advertising budgets, which help create buzz about their brews.
Craft beers, on the other hand, might not have the same marketing muscle, but they make up
for it in devoted (and often local) fan bases.

So how did the Irish beer most familiar to Americans score on the BrandIndex's survey?
The survey polled about 36,000 adults during the past 16 months.

Below are the top beer brands as ranked by their buzz scores-
1. Samuel Adams 13.4
2. Budweiser 11.4
3. Redd's Apple Ale 9.5
4. Bud Light 9.1
5. Heineken 8
6. Corona 8
7. Stella Artois 7.9
8. Dos Equis 7.1
9. Guinness 6.9
10. Blue Moon 6.9
Feature News  
Edited by Jim Attacap
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Good Going Bud

Budweiser has just launched its new ‘Tackle
Impossible: A Force for Safer Roads’ campaign
in the United States and calls on young adults to
join together to create smart driving innovations
and help stop preventable road crashes.

A hallmark of the initiative is the "hackathon"
experience. Hackathons are intensive, hands-on
events where participants come together to learn
from experienced entrepreneurs and experts and
ultimately compete as teams for the chance to
work with Budweiser to implement their idea.
To launch the initiative in the U.S., Budweiser is
calling on the SXSW Interactive community to
crowdsource innovative ideas to solve road
safety .  At the U.S. Hackathon, participants will
compete as teams for the chance to win $25,000
in seed funding and support from Budweiser to
implement their idea, including mentorship and a
marketing and advertising budget.Anheuser -
Busch InBev has more than 30 years of
experience in educating consumers about
responsible drinking around the world.