Bud Ad Attacks Craft Again

Budweiser is the big brother of the beer world
that just cannot help teasing his little siblings.
That’s the subliminal message in Anheuser
Busch-InBev’s BUD  ad spot  in the recent
Super Bowl for the nation’s fourth-most
popular beer, a campaign called “Not Backing
Down".  It unapologetically celebrates
Budweiser by mixing images of charging
Clydesdales and the brewing process that
goes into making the “macro” beer by
professionals not like craft brewers who
are just playing around.

It is also a sequel to a story that AB InBev
kicked off last year, when it controversially
teased the craft beer industry with an ad
campaign called “Brewed the hard way,”
which also debuted during the Super Bowl.
That ad campaign mocked not only the
popular craft beer industry’s brewers, but
also the people that enjoy those beers.
Oh, in case you're interested a 16 ounce
commemorative can of Bud at the Big Game
cost $13.  Guess they  had to pay for the ad.

Beer vs. Wine

10. Beer doesn’t rely on a piece of wood to give it character.
9. The French don’t set the standard for beer-making and food-pairing.
8. Beer is richer, better looking and has a better body.
7. The twist-off cap. Wine makers are just starting to figure that one out.
6. Beer doesn’t need a movie about two losers (Sideways)
to increase its popularity.
5. Beer never has a “bad year.”
4. An old English beer-drinking song inspired the melody for
“The Star-Spangled Banner.” Wine coolers inspire Britney Spears.
3. No phony pseudo-sophisticated snobby elitist names
starting with “chateau.”
2. Beer is so cool we use it to describe ourselves. We want
six-pack abs, not magnum thighs.
And the No. 1 reason beer is better than wine: The Mayflower was loaded
with beer, not wine. So was Ben Franklin when he discovered electricity.

10. Did you ever hear of a “wine belly?”
9. Wine glasses don’t weigh as much as beer mugs — less wear
and tear on the wrist and elbow, fewer cases of carpal tunnel.
8. Fewer unanticipated belches (unless consuming champagne).
7. Doesn’t open the “flood gates” quite the same way beer does.
6. Was there an Oscar-nominated movie about beer in 2004?
Nope. It was “Sideways,” all about wine.
5. Ages better — and so do those who drink it!
4. Jesus didn’t turn water into beer; he left that to Miller and Anheuser-Busch,
which proceeded to get the process backward and turn beer into water.
3. Tastes better with ALL kinds of food — not just brats, chili and tacos.
2. When asked what attributes they’re looking for in the perfect mate,
“Knows how to navigate a beer list” never makes top 10.
And the No. 1 reason wine is better than beer: 1. Tastes great, less filling!
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Edited by Jim Attacap
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The Fix Is In

If your drink of choice hails from a craft beer
label or a small vineyard, you might soon have
trouble finding it at the supermarket.

Kroger Co., one of the world’s largest grocery
chains, has proposed a plan that would let a
private distributor oversee how much prominence
brands get in stores. What’s more, the alcohol
companies will be asked to pay for the services
of the distributor. This is a big shift from the
previous system, in which the largest alcohol
producers (like beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev
used their role as “category captains” to dole out
advice about how much shelf space to give
various alcohol labels.
The proposed change is particularly worrisome
for smaller labels, since it could be more of a
burden on them to find money to pay the
distributor, Southern Wine & Spirits, for
placement in stores. The new system would also
implement a voluntary quarterly fee for alcohol
producers, based partially on how much volume
a store carries. Just call it Play For Play