Vermont is King of Beer

Earlier this month, the Brewers
Association released its list of the top
50 American breweries by sales.
Vermont breweries Magic Hat Brewing
Company of Burlington ranked 36th and
Long Trail Brewing Company of
Bridgewater ranked 37th. Otter Creek
Brewing of Middlebury came in at 50.

That may not sound impressive until
you consider that more than 1,400
breweries around the U.S. were
included in the survey and 31 other
states, most of them much larger than
Vermont, didn't have a single brewery
on the list.  On a per capita basis  
(Vermont has a population of just over
1/2 million) the state truly is the
King of Brewers.

At the top of the list were beer
industry titans Anheuser-Busch, Miller
Brewing Company and Coors Brewing
Company. Pabst Brewing Company of
Texas was at fourth with City Brewing
Company of Wisconsin fifth.

Pennsylvania's D.G. Yuengling and Sons,
America's oldest continually operating
brewery, came in at sixth place. Boston
Beer Company, the makers of Sam
Adams, came in eighth. Rolling Rock
producer Latrobe Brewing Company
came in ninth.

Magic Hat and Long Trail came in ahead
of a number of regional breweries with
strong national profiles, including
Brooklyn Brewery of New York, Pete's
Brewing Company of Texas and Rogue
Ales of Oregon.
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Coors Moves into the USSR

Coors has announced it will spend $16 milion to
market "Coors Fine Light" in Russia.  The bew will be
made by a local brewer in Kaliningrad.  The beer will
go on slae in Moscow and St. Petersburg  in late

Beer drinking has been on the rise in Russia.  Sales
grew seven percent in 2003 and over 15% in 2004.  
According to several consumer surveys beer has
surpassed vodka as Russia's favorite beverage.

Beer is far easier to get in Russia than in the United
States.   Up to two-thirds of domestic Russian beer
sales come from street kiosks that are plentiful in the
major cities.  Overall consumption of beer reached
nearly 68 million barrels in 2004.

Big Tanks for Miller

Miller Lite beer slaes increased 10.5% in the past year
while total beer sales nationwide rose only 0.6 %.    
The huge demand has put a premium on capacity at
Miller's Calif. plant which brews and distributes beer to
the entire West Coast, Arizona, Guam, Hawaill, Sout
Korea and other Asian countries.

In response to this overwhelming demand Miller has
installed two new fermenting tanks that will hold nearly
5,500 barrels of wort.  Just one of the 60 ft. high tanks
can hold the equivalent of 100,000 cases of beer.  
That's 2.4 million bottles or cans in every tank.  It is
anticipated that the tanks will be filled and emptied four
to five times a month.  This is in addition to the eighteen
other 60 ft. tanks already in operation at the plant.