Craft Only In Dublin

Ireland’s first  pub dedicated to selling only
craft beer has just opened. The Beer Market
in Dublin is surprisingly the first venture of its
kind in Ireland.  The Beer Market will operate
by way of numbered rather than branded
taps and beers will be in constant rotation.
The outlet will not sell conventional lagers or
stout.  It will not have TVs or live music.The
pub is owned by Galway Bay Brewery which
already operates ten others in Ireland.

One of their other pubs, Against the Grain,
was one of the first in Dublin not to sell
Guinness and many had predicted that it
would not survive. It did.

In a press release the owner stated that "this
is a step up. If you are into your craft beers,
you want to search out the best beers. It will
be a rarity to come into a place like this and
not find a beer you haven’t found before"

Campus Made Beer Now On Sale

A bachelor’s in beer? A master’s in malt? Not quite. But these days some colleges are teaching
students to make beer as part of their studies. When California State Polytechnic University,
Pomona, fired up its gleaming new stainless steel brewery last December, it joined a small but
growing number of colleges instructing students how to produce high-quality craft beers.
At the same time, it took the movement a step beyond — kegging the results of their
labors and selling it on campus.

“To make the beer here and sell the beer here and have a cafe and have an educational
component, we’re the first to have put all those pieces together,” Aaron Neilson, director of
dining services for the Cal Poly Foundation, said over a lunch of pizza and — of course —
beer at the school’s new Innovation Brew Works.

A few feet away, a senior chemistry major was in the back room of this former campus bookstore,
brewing up a batch of ale. In a few weeks, his work will end up in the glasses of patrons in the brew
works’ cafe, where signs at the front door remind people to drink responsibly.

Although Cal Poly officials say theirs is the only college in the country to make its own beer
and sell it on campus, that could soon change. Colorado State University expects to begin selling
its microbrewed beer at a campus pub later this year, according to school officials
Students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Oregon State University and other
campuses around the country also make beer on campus.

A pioneer in the process is the University of California, Davis, where students have been
brewing beer since the makers of Lucky Lager built them a microbrewery in 1959. Like the
other campuses, however, Davis doesn’t sell beer and has no plans to. Charlie Bamforth,
the university’s Anheuser-Busch endowed professor of brewing science, believes getting
into the retail end of things would be a distraction for him and his students
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Edited by Jim Attacap
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Ben & Jerry's Beer

Colorado's New Belgium Brewery and the folks at Ben
& Jerry's are teaming up on a beer inspired by ice
cream -- salted caramel brownie ice cream, to be
precise.  The beer is set to hit shelves in the fall.

New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's are both what are
called "B Corporations," a certification issued by the
private non-profit B Labs to companies that meet its
social, environmental, accountability and transparency

New Belgium supports sustainable agriculture, climate
change and other initiatives, while Ben & Jerry's --
now a subsidiary of global conglomerate Unilever --
stays true to its hippie roots with support for
environmental initiatives, fair trade efforts, marriage
equality and more.

Last month, Ben & Jerry's cofounder Ben Cohen said
he'd be open to the idea of a marijuana-infused ice
cream or beer someday.  Are you surprised?