Coors Battles Back

Coors Light continues to lose sales and
market share in the declining US beer
market.  The company however will
take a different strategy than
competitions, who are introducing
and heavily marketing new brands
such as Budweiser Select.

Coors will continue its ad campaign
which emphasizes that Coors is "filtered,
packaged, shipped and stored cold."

Instead of new brands the company will
put the same beer in new packages:
an  8 ounce can; plastic bottles in a
cooler box that can be filled
with ice; and a new draught
technology to super chill
Coors Light formiing ice crystals.

Beer drinkers need not worry - the cold
will not mask any taste in Coors Light
since it doesn't have any.


New Beers

Heineken will be testing the US market
with a new beer, Heineken
Premium Light Lager to compete
with Miller and Bud light beers.

Canada's two giant macrobreweries will
release caffeinated beers, Molson's Kick
and Labatt's Shok.  The caffeine will
come from guarana, an extract from a
climbing shrub in the Amazon region.

Cocktail Museum Opens

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Become a Beer Saint

A Welsh brewery claims drinking ale can "make you more

Research by the Hurns Brewing Co. has uncovered a
number of "beer saints".   According to a recent press
release,  Hurns has found 24 holy men and women who
became saints thanks to their accomplishment with beer.

Most of these individuals were initially monks and nuns
who many centuries ago brewed beer to purify water and
ensure that the malnourished had a healthy ale to drink.

Three of the best known of the "beer saints" are:

Saint Brigid (457-525).  It was reported that she kept 18
churches in beer from just one barrel, and as an act of
compassion, turned the bath water of lepers into cool,
refreshing ale.

St. Arnolf of Soissons, the patron saint of hop pickers, who
miraculously multiplied barrels of beer in times of need.

St. Arnulph, who prayed to God and is then said to have
conjured tankards of ale out of the air to quench the thirst
of the local faithful.

According to a spokesperson for Hurns,  "beer drinkers
can expect the full blessing of a host of saints when they
down their pints."

Budvar Beats Bud Again

Budvar's Dark Lager has been selected as "Imported Beer
of the Year" at the London Drinkers' Beer and Cider Festival.
Anheuser-Busch's entries did not place in the competition.

According to Budvar's marketing director Daniel Jirovech,
this is proof that when given a chance beer drinkers want   
"true quality brews and not mass market swill."  

Budvar has been locked in legal battles with Anheuser-
Busch in many nations over the use of the term "Bud."